Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Surilii apologizes to Veera and Ambitai as she departs, and they wish her good luck. Ambitai reminds her of her fortune and that she was saved. Mithi informs Sam that Surilii is leaving the palace, but he refuses to accept it and makes an effort to prevent her from doing so. He breaks down in tears as he expresses his gratitude for the love shown by Surilii. She comforts him saying everything will be all right. As Rani Maa looks at a picture of her husband, Samar reflects on the trauma his parents faced due to their separation. He imagines his mother crying in distress and pledges to make sure that such a thing doesn’t happen to anyone else again.

He says they will pay the consequences for their deeds because you suffered because of them. He promises to mete out justice and take revenge – Surilii with her memories from the palace. Shiv calls up the newspaper editor and threatens him with a defamation case. Raghu points out someone might have an enmity towards them. Shiv tries to track down this malicious individual who wrote the story about Swati; the source is unknown, yet someone benefits from it — according to Raghu, that person is Surilii. Shiv argues she wishes them well; he wants proof that she is responsible before pointing fingers at her.

Raghu declares that his contentment has been destroyed and Shiv angrily tells him to restrain himself. Just then, Maan and Sam arrive and again Raghu blames Surilii with anger in his voice. Hearing the commotion, Rani Maa arrives on the scene. Shiv insists that she only wanted to organise a marriage for him, which should have made him pleased. However, Raghu insists it is merely an illusion and that everyone is ruminating about Swati as a second option. Maan intervenes and implores them both to cool down. In reply, Shiv promises to take responsibility for the situation while Raghu insults Surilii in response, prompting a slap from Shiv. Filled with angst, he hurls dishes across the room and apologises to Rani Maa for his behaviour, blaming her for foolishly interrupting his life’s joy before accusing Surilii of selling pictures for her own selfish motives. As soon as he says this, Swati along with her parents enter the room making Ambitai beam with satisfaction while all others look on in shock.

Swati inquires Raghu if he is alright. Her question causes him to grow outraged, which Rani Maa then interrupts by stating they do not need more notoriety and they must stop squabbling. Shiv apologizes for having lifted his hand, but Rani Maa disagrees with his actions. To this Surilii arrives, and Swati blames her for causing the argument. Shiv defends her saying it isn’t her fault. Surilii insists on apologizing as everyone appears to think she’s done something wrong, and Shiv swears his loyalty to her, yet she expresses that it’s time to leave the palace. Maids arrive carrying her bags, however, Rani Maa wishes for her departure and Shi stays firm on the fact that she shall remain with him and in the palace. He queries why she had offered up so soon and Surilii responds by urging for peace between them all for the sake of their wedding preparations, although admitting it was difficult for her, since growing up without a mother left her without knowing how to placate an angry parent. She bids Rani Maa farewell wishing well of them all before taking off with Shiva by her side.

Surilii went to Madhu and apologized for not being able to keep her promise. Rani Maa loves Swati dearly and was always determined to make her happy. When Swati asked Surilii to leave, she replied that if they were in Mumbai her answer would have been different. Raghu tried his best to intervene but Surilii still chose to forgive Swati and hope for a grand marriage. As a result, Rani Maa requested them both to put their luggage in the car before leaving. At that moment, Shiv repeated what he said before, but quickly corrected himself as Surilii reminded him that there was no such thing as winning or losing in a family. He then promised Surilii that he will always stick by her side, and eventually, they held hands together amid tears from everyone around them.


Raghu says Shiv slapped me. Samar says if this happened to me, I would have shot him. Surilii wishes the relationship between Shiv and Rani Maa will be fine.

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