Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 30th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 30th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Surilii asks Rani Maa to treat her family with respect. Shiv says no need. She says Rani Maa is Maa, and her request will be accepted. Rani Maa says it’s my command. Swati tells her she’ll like her family’s outfit once. She says thanks. My family isn’t rich, but they have values, and they haven’t taken anything from anyone, so thank you. She leaves.

Shiv says sorry, is it right to force someone to your choice, you should have asked Surilii if she is comfortable or not. Rani Maa answers no, she says you did not ask me anything she expected me to. Shiv leaves. Surilii gets ready. She looks for her mangalsutra. She finds it and asks Shiv to help her. Shiv ties it to her hand. He says perfect. She thanks him. Mum’s choice is a good one, she says.

The governor greets Rani Maa. Swati is welcomed by Rani Maa. Shiv and Surilii appear downstairs. The people praise their pairing. Swati becomes upset. Sam announces Raghu and Swati’s Sangeet ceremony today.

He plays the childhood video. Rani Maa gets emotional. Surilii plays the song on the gramophone. Shiv and his brothers perform. They all hug. Samar gets upset and cries. Surilii makes a video. Maasi says Surilii has set the mood. Sasha agrees.

Shiv presents a rose to Rani Maa. Samar cries and remembers his mum. He injures his hand and wipes away the blood. Rani Maa thanks her children. Madhu asks why are you upset, you’re going to be a bahu. Swati tells her not to speak like Surilii and supports her. She leaves. Shiv says that you have made her our Maa today.

Surilii asks did she get angry. He says no, I know her well. Rani Maa discusses her husband’s pic. Ambitai arrives. As Rani Maa says, Surilii has something that I couldn’t see, Shiv never makes a mistake, no one ever makes me feel so free and independent, and Surilii has filled the function with happiness.

Ambitai says, but I was saying… Rani Maa says to give these gifts to Surilii, all the wedding couples should be there, I want Shiv and Surilii to be welcomed as newlyweds. I will give Surilii the ancestral necklace. When Shiv hugs Rani Maa, he says thank you for accepting Surilii. Ambitai becomes angry because he thinks he won’t be able to hug Shiv again in the future.

Maan asks Surilii to check once because she thinks I made her remember her memories. Ambitai gets the gifts for Surilii. She says Rani Maa asked you to be on stage with Shiv. Sam and Maan say that means Maa agreed. They dance and hug. In a phone call, Samar calls Monty. He tells him to load the gun and get ready. He says Shiv, you’re going to die.


Samar asks Monty to get ready for the wedding. He asks him to shoot Shiv. Shiv sees Monty. Rani Maa is shot.

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