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Faltu Episode Update

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Ayaan asks Faltu why she cheated on him. Faltu asks him to listen to her once, but he refuses and asks her to leave his house. Some time ago, Ruhaan walked towards Faltu, trying to escape. He held her hand. Once Faltu learns that you kidnapped me, he says Ayaan will teach you a lesson. Ruhaan says he’s also waiting for him, so let’s see what happens. Ayaan enters Ruhaan’s house.

Seeing Faltu with Ruhaan, Ayaan misunderstands their position and thinks Faltu is kissing him. Faltu says she did whatever he asked her for. Ruhaan manipulates his conversation with Faltu, noticing Ayaan. Ruhaan tells Faltu that he loves her. Faltu is having an affair with Ruhaan and Ayaan misunderstands that. Sid and Tanu see Faltu with Ruhaan and leave as well. Tanu believes Ruhaan’s conspiracy against Faltu.

Faltu cautioned Ruhaan to leave, but he pushed her instead, causing her head to hit the table edge and her eventual loss of consciousness. Seeing this, Ayaan was incensed and trashed the warehouse, recollecting all the voice notes and episodes between the two. Sid and Tanu came on the scene, reasoning with Ayaan that it was likely just a misunderstanding that could be cleared up by conversing with Faltu. He retorted that there was nothing left to be said since they had seen it with their own eyes; however, after Sid persuaded him, they took Ayaan home.

When Janardhan and other family members inquire about Faltu’s whereabouts, Ayaan says that Faltu is dead to him and requests them to refrain from discussing Faltu in his presence.

The next day, Faltu wakes up. She thinks about where she is and why she came to this place. Ruhaan comes there and tells Faltu that Ayaan will no longer accept her. Faltu holds his collar and asks what he told Ayaan. Ruhaan says I didn’t tell him anything and Ayaan witnessed everything. Faltu runs to Mittal’s house, vowing to clear up the misunderstanding.

Ayaan enquires why Faltu trespassed in his home and orders her to go away. She argues that he is misconstruing the facts; Ayaan, however, maintains that he saw it with his own eyes. To trust her, Faltu then engages Janardhan in conversation and explains everything to him. She states that Ruhaan is trying to wrench them apart and hints at having sinister intentions. In response, Ayaan queries if she fell for Ruhaan because he has money.

Faltu says it’s just a misunderstanding and nothing happened between me and Ruhaan. Faltu receives Ruhaan’s message at that time. Ayaan takes the phone and sees Ruhaan and Faltu’s close moments photos. Faltu drops her phone to look at those photos. Faltu asks Ayaan to trust her, not the photos. He asks her to not fool him again and asks why she stooped so low and deceived him. Faltu tries to explain. Ayaan warns her not to touch him and asks her to leave.


Ayaan breaks off his relationship with Faltu.

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