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Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ranbir expressing that his life’s purpose was to have Prachi’s love and support, but now his aim is to make her feel the same pain she caused him. Aaliya and Rhea smirk while the family members look on with concern. Meanwhile, Prachi and Akshay arrive at the orphanage. Prachi asks where everyone is, and Akshay suggests she sit and have some water. Grateful for his support in front of Bua ji, Prachi thanks him. Akshay mentions that Bua ji holds traditional views, and is rigid, but has a good heart and loves him a lot. He explains that Bua ji reacted the way she did because she was unaware of Prachi’s past. Prachi expresses her gratitude, and Akshay playfully remarks that she’ll get tired of saying thanks. Just then, they hear someone approaching, and Prachi wonders if it’s someone coming to adopt Khushi. Akshay assures her that Prachi’s father has taken care of everything.

Meera appears and informs Prachi that they no longer trust her to take care of Khushi after what happened at the birthday party. Consequently, they decided to give Khushi to Akshay, seeing him as the primary parent. Akshay, however, insists that the girl will be with Prachi. Meera explains that, according to the orphanage guidelines, Akshay is deemed more competent. The orphanage owner confirms the decision, mentioning that he conducted research on the matter. Akshay thanks him for his assistance. The owner then clarifies to Prachi that Akshay will have the first right and responsibility over Khushi. Akshay signs the documents, expressing his commitment to taking care of Khushi completely. Prachi is delighted by the news.

Meanwhile, Rhea reminds Pallavi of the promises she made to make her the daughter-in-law and keep Prachi away. Pallavi, feeling helpless, explains that Prachi is not present, and she can’t discuss the matter with Ranbir at the moment. She requests Rhea to give her some time to handle the situation. Vikram apologizes to Rhea, acknowledging that the situation is not right, and asks her to leave. Rhea questions his words, but Vikram insists she finds somewhere else to stay. As they witness Ranbir coming out with his belongings, they stop him and inquire where he’s going. Ranbir reveals that he feels suffocated and cannot stay in the same city as Prachi, unable to bear seeing her with someone else. Pallavi pleads with him not to go, stating that he can’t leave her. Dida also tries to convince him to stay, but Ranbir insists that he is suffocating and needs to leave for his own peace of mind. Vikram remarks that they should pray for his well-being.

Ranbir drives away in his car, his mind filled with thoughts of Prachi and their previous confrontation. Suddenly, he spots Akshay, Prachi, and Khushi as they stop to buy balloons. Akshay fulfills Khushi’s request for balloons, and Ranbir reminded of his challenge to Prachi, quietly leaves the scene. Prachi, sensing his presence, turns around, and Ranbir catches a glimpse of her through his car’s mirror. He asserts that they will meet again soon and that she will welcome him into her house with joy.

Three months later in New Delhi, Prachi hands a puja thali to Manpreet, wishing him good morning. Manpreet teases her for being late. She then hands Vishaka a pair of glasses and gives Ashok a newspaper, referring to him as “Papa.” Neha and Divya arrive, teasingly mentioning that Prachi calls him “Papa” and “Sir.” Prachi informs them that she has prepared a healthy meal for them since they tend to eat junk food during college trips.

Abhay arrives and asks if she made aloo paratha for him. Prachi responds that she made sprout salad for him. The servant announces that the food is ready, and Manpreet suggests that Prachi perform the aarti for everyone. Prachi carries out the ritual, and Akshay arrives just in time to receive the aarti. Prachi playfully comments on his habitual lateness. Khushi enters and greets everyone, touching Vishaka’s feet. Vishaka responds with a gesture of “Enough.” Khushi then approaches Ashok and calls him “Dadu.” He lifts her onto his lap and asks what she wants to have for breakfast. The family members suggest eggs, and Khushi confirms their guess. The servant brings eggs, specifically for Khushi. Prachi corrects him, stating that they are for Akshay, but Khushi insists on having sunny-side-up eggs. Akshay volunteers to make breakfast for her, and Prachi gives medicines to Ashok and Vishaka before leaving with Khushi. Vishaka remarks on Prachi’s quick adjustment to her new responsibilities, while Ashok expresses his admiration, describing Prachi as pure and truthful in every relationship. Vishaka exchanges a meaningful glance with Manpreet.


Khushi tells Akshay to look at Prachi, who appears sad and avoids interaction. Prachi explains that she is saddened because her daughter is going to London, and she’s worried about her and will miss her. Vishaka advises Akshay not to let Prachi’s concerns about her daughter create distance between them and encourages him to seize this opportunity.

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