Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ashutosh informing Poorvi that things turned out better than expected. He then mentions he will fetch his bike. Yug and RV step out of the house. Yug inquires if he saw (Poorvi) and decides to bring the car. RV urges him to hurry up and joins them at the front. Poorvi questions RV about when he moved to this city and notes how she seems to keep running into him since their first encounter. RV chuckles and she asks if he finds it amusing as well. He remains silent, so she probes further by saying she assumed he laughed but perhaps he doesn’t find things humorous. RV reassures her that he did indeed laugh and asks why she’s lingering around.

Poorvi waits for Ashutosh ji as he gets his bike. She then checks on him and notices her dupatta has fallen on his face. Embarrassed, she quickly removes it and they share a moment while a song plays in the background. She apologizes for the incident and is unsure of how it happened. Jasbir, passing by in his jeep, stops to see Poorvi and RV together. Yug arrives with the car and RV bids goodbye to Poorvi before leaving. Jasbir watches them and can’t help but feel sad that this is their last day together. Meanwhile, Ashutosh brings the bike and Poorvi hops on as they ride away.

Upon arriving at their home, Beena and Prachi exchanged greetings. Prachi mentioned that she had brought haldi with her. Beena acknowledged their relationship as samdhan and saheli. Vishaka inquired about the sudden influx of sweetness. Beena reassured her that despite the recent incident with Ashutosh, he was still a suitable match for Poorvi and would make a wonderful son-in-law just like herself.

As RV arrives home, Nupur suggests that they have food. RV then asks if everyone else has already eaten. Dadi then expresses her desire to speak. Dada ji, acknowledging her as his wife, urges her to share her thoughts. She reveals that her daughter-in-law is facing mistreatment in the household. Harman pleads with dada ji to intervene and help him out of the situation. However, dada ji stands by his wife’s side and shares how Harman had been scolding his daughter earlier when Harleen intervened and was also reprimanded. Harman defends himself by stating that he apologized profusely to Harleen afterwards. He questions why dada ji isn’t supporting him in this matter. To which dada ji explains that he doesn’t want to lose his authority in the household. Finally, RV encourages Harman to cheer up his Mom.

Harman mentions that he put in a lot of effort. RV notes that his mother will likely be in agreement if she goes shopping with them. He suggests that Yug and him accompany Dadi and his mom during their shopping outing. Upon arriving at the mall, Dadi requests assistance from the manager and explains how she plans to search throughout the entire mall to find something for herself. Meanwhile, Harleen asks the manager to show her options for clothes and jewelry suitable for Dadi. RV encourages her to also treat herself while they are there. Harleen expresses doubt, stating that Dadi typically won’t end up buying anything and will instead ask them for help in choosing something. RV comments on how they both share a mother-daughter relationship. Yug interjects by informing them that he was assisting the ladies and asks RV if he could buy a jacket for himself as well. RV agrees and invites him to join them.

Beena, along with Poorvi and Ashutosh, arrived at the store. She urged Poorvi to elevate her standards as she is their intended daughter-in-law. Beena then requested the Manager to show some nice clothes to her future daughter-in-law. Ashutosh pulled Beena aside and expressed his financial concerns, mentioning that they cannot afford to shop here regularly. Beena assured him that she is trying to prove that he is superior to RV, who appears wealthy but does not openly flaunt it. Ashutosh reminded her that Poorvi knows his salary and Beena confidently stated that she knows what she’s doing as a mother. However, Ashutosh grew anxious as he realized he had forgotten his ATM card at home and might not have enough money for the purchases.

As Ranbir’s car comes to a halt outside Prachi’s house, she happens to be retrieving the clothes from the rope. Mindlessly glancing around, Ranbir realizes he needs to ask someone for something. However, both of them fail to catch a glimpse of each other. Meanwhile, Beena and Dadi both show interest in the same saree. Beena questions why it should be given to Prachi when she had picked it first. Dadi suggests that if Beena wants it, she can simply ask politely. To drive her point home, Beena compares the saree to her prospective daughter-in-law and mentions how she has already secured an alliance for her son while Dadi could not do so due to her age. She then questions if Dadi comprehended her message.

Dadi expresses confusion about the distasteful examples and inquires if she comprehends her own words. She adds that if it concerns your daughter-in-law, she will not allow her to marry into your family. It’s not that there is anything wrong with your son, but you are not worthy of being his mother-in-law. Beena becomes upset. Dadi then picks up a saree and heads towards Harleen, mentioning it as her selection for her. Harleen responds by saying she has also picked out clothes for Dadi and they both make their way to try them on. RV instructs the salesperson to have some options ready as they plan to try them on before making a decision and possibly rejecting them.

After meeting a mad woman, Beena tells Ashutosh that she will make my son her bahu, and that my son is fine, but that I don’t deserve to be his mother. Ashutosh signs Beena when she sees the clothes the Salesman shows Poorvi and asks them not to show costly lehengas and tells them they have come to buy good lehengas and not to sell their kidneys. Poorvi watches.


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