Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2023 Written Update

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Pallavi brings Rhea’s outfit in her hand and throws it at her. Rhea inquires about Ranbir’s whereabouts, but Pallavi warns her not to take his name off her lips. Rhea again demands to know where Ranbir is and why she is talking to her like this. Pallavi replies that it is all because of her, and Ranbir has abandoned the family due to her actions. Rhea retorts that it was Prachi who actually influenced him, but Vikram interrupts and requests politely for her to leave so as not to bring any more calamity here.

Pallavi requests to speak with Rhea and informs her that Ranbir has been away for many long months. Dida interrupts her, accusing Rhea of overacting as if he is her everything. To this, Rhea cries as she declares her deep-seated affection for him. Vikram then chimed in saying that it pains them all to see the two together. In response, Rhea inquires why is she being treated in this manner when Dida once told her that she was the blessing and life of the household. She reminds Pallavi of her promise to always support her; though Pallavi clarifies that at the time she didn’t know Rhea’s feelings weren’t love but infatuation. She adds that true love cannot be forced or taken away.

Rhea protests when Pallavi attempts to push her out of the house after accusing her of lying. She insists she had never been untruthful and reiterates that she loves with a true heart. Despite her pleas, Pallavi closes the door in Rhea’s face and throws her possessions outside. She knocks frenetically on the door but receives no response. Swearing vengeance for all the injustices committed against her, Rhea vows to never be at peace until she has extracted retribution for being insulted in such a manner.

Vishaka enters the kitchen, asking Ranbir what he is looking for. He chuckles in response, inquiring why she has come. Vishaka admires his command of Punjabi, and retrieves a casserole from near him. Ranbir reveals he was searching for a spoon. Vishaka removes her glasses in preparation to help him look further when she recounts a dream about Akshay and Prachi with a child. Ranbir calls it an awful dream as they are but kids themselves, yet Vishaka points out that they have been married quite some time.

Ranbir suggests they prove, by acting as if their marriage is connected, that there in fact exists some relation between them. Vishaka challenges his notion and throws a banana peel at him. Ranbir vows to show the truth behind the situation and Vishaka seconds his determination. Mihika interjects wondering what will come of this, to which both Rambir and Vishaka proclaim they will find out soon enough.

Prachi informs Akshay that she will be running late for work today. He remarks that Ranbir and Mihika seem overly merry and believes they took the eight marriage vows deliberately. Prachi argues that they had their reasons, though the kalash did fall. She adds that it isn’t their place to tell Mihika not to talk to Ranbir, as they are both adults. Akshay counters that Prachi doesn’t know her background and why she’s yet to get married, even though she is from a respectable family – suggesting there may be an underlying cause.

Vikram asks Pallavi to eat, but she refuses, telling him that she’s missing Ranbir and wonders what he is doing and if he had a meal. Dida says it’s not like the time they lost him before. Vikram encourages her not to give up hope. She cannot imagine living without him. He motions for her to close her eyes and feel his presence, saying that Ranbir is in their hearts. Pallavi acknowledges that he reassures her with this sentiment regularly, yet she yearns for physical contact with her son. Dida adds that Ranbir hasn’t forgotten them either; they are connected in spirit. Pallavi muses on how different things would have been had she knew how deeply he loves Prachi – then she’d recognize how essential Prachi is to giving him life instead of mere existence. Nevertheless, as she could not comprehend this beforehand, Pallavi concludes that she’s been a poor mother.


Akshay gets angry and raises his hand to Mihika, but Ranbir holds it. Mihika tells Akshay that Prachi and his relationship are fake.

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