Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 20th July 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 20th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the start of the episode, Ram asks Priya to get him the hair spray from the bathroom. She chides him for his messiness but he counters with a joke. Eventually, she hands him the product and starts to walk away but he stops her, reminding her that she was forgetting something. To her surprise, he slowly took off her hair towel wrap and then holds her face tenderly before Shalini’s voice interrupts them. Priya leaves while Ram smiles at his dad’s picture afterwards.

Kriti says I had made many plans but your mom spoiled them all. Ram says manners, Kriti, you’re talking about my mother. She says she thinks Shardul and I are together. Shardul comes and asks Ram about the company’s campaign. Ram says Shardul will handle it. Kriti says I will be the face for your app. Shardul says you do an audition and we’ll pick the best.

Kriti says you can’t get any better model than me. He says overconfidence isn’t good. Ram says stop pulling her leg. He says I’m going to your house. Ram asks why. Kriti says I thought I’d help your mom in your dad’s funeral anniversary. He says no, she’s emotional about the anniversary, don’t go. Shardul says she doesn’t get a right feeling, Kriti shouldn’t cross this line, respect Shalini’s emotions, this marriage is real for her. She goes.

Ram expresses his confusion about the nature of their relationship. Shardul enquires if he is alright and Ram affirms it. Kriti reassures Shreya she knows what to do to demonstrate her suitability for Ram. Shreya advises her not to overthink. Priya inquires whether there’s anything else. Shalini talks about her husband and smiles fondly as she lauds Ram for creating an empire through his hard work and that they should only involve those who are of importance to them. Priya agrees in agreement with this idea.

Kriti comes and hugs Shalini, suggesting a grand event. Priya chimes in, saying she wants to just invite near and dear ones; Shalin and Priya will handle it. Kriti then notices Shreya, who is calling the clinic to ask Dr. Priya treat her toothache and bleeding. When asked if they need an event planner for items from the market, Kriti says that she can’t manage with her heels on, calling for the event manager instead so they can relax and enjoy the function. Shalini retorts that it isn’t as easy as Kriti thinks.


We should not delay any longer and start the puja. Ram agrees. Shalini says we should wait for Priya for another 5 minutes.

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