Anupama 17th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 17th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paakhi and Malti Devi are currently together, with the latter dozing off. In her slumber, she questions the whereabouts of her son and expresses her disappointment that he hasn’t visited her. Anuj then reveals to Anupama that Malti Devi referred to him as “beta” at the clinic, but also recalls how she had previously threatened to seek revenge against them. He adds that when people suffer from memory loss, they tend to forget their past relationships and fail to form new ones. Anupama reassures him not to be anxious and advises him to stay calm. She suggests that perhaps Malti Devi is mistaking him for Nakul since she used to address him as “beta.” Nonetheless, Anuj remains worried about everyone’s well-being and urges Anupama to find Malti Devi’s family and send her away. Anupama promises to look into finding her relatives first.

Baa inquires Babu ji about his workload. He replies that he narrates stories to the children of the colony and as a result, they are pleased and their parents offer him monetary compensation. She then asks about his earnings, to which he responds that it is better than nothing but he doesn’t want it to be a burden and wishes to support his own children. He invites her to join him and suggests that when he tells scary tales to the kids, she should give them an angry look so if they aren’t afraid of the story, they will be frightened by her expression. They share a laugh and Babu ji wonders where the kids are. Baa informs him that they have gone for work while Kavya is resting in her room. She then requests him to contact Anupama and inquire about Malti Devi’s well-being.

Anupama inquires if she has any plans to go out. Paakhi hands her the phone and asks if she’s leaving. Anupama reveals that she needs to run an errand for Guru Maa. Paakhi wonders if something else is on Anupama’s mind. Anupama expresses her concern, stating her inability to focus on Paakhi properly. She questions whether it is because of Romil and Adhik. Paakhi affirms that Adhik has changed. Anupama clarifies that change doesn’t occur overnight, using the weather as an example, but it takes time to eradicate embedded habits and thoughts from one’s heart. She adds that women take years to overcome fear, while men take time to let go of their ego. Paakhi acknowledges Adhik’s improved behavior.

Anupama suggests that if her partner’s behaviour becomes difficult and questions why they rely on others for happiness, then Paakhi should walk alongside him instead of following behind. She reminisces about a time when elders from the neighbourhood would offer advice and guidance during marital problems, which they would then follow. However, she acknowledges that in today’s generation, people are quick to see it as interference. Anupama believes that seeking help is not a bad thing, using the example of getting a tutor for a struggling student. Similarly, she suggests that seeking advice from a marriage counselor is necessary when facing difficulties in marriage. If Paakhi is unwilling to discuss it with her, Anupama encourages her to speak openly with a marriage counselor for guidance. With this thought in mind, she leaves and Paakhi realizes the importance of maintaining a perfect marriage and relationship.

At Malti Devi’s dance academy, Anupama reflects on the past and remembers Anuj’s words. She can’t bear to see him worried or Guru Maa in such a state. A woman approaches her and remarks on her return. Anupama explains that they have no connection with her and requests to check the storeroom for any of Malti Devi’s belongings before leaving. As the woman goes to search, Anupama prays for guidance from Kanha ji to reunite with her loved ones. Meanwhile, Anuj carries Choti Anu and catches sight of Malti Devi. He feels remorseful for what she had done to them but cannot forget it either. In her slumber, Malti Devi pleads for her child not to leave her side.

Anupama thanks the lady and thinks Guru Maa might get her memory back seeing this. She finds ghungroo, toys, and other items in the suitcase.

Babu ji sips his tea and urges Baa to rest, as he fears she may suffer from knee pain. However, when Baa does not respond, Babu ji becomes concerned and rushes to the kitchen. There, he notices smoke and calls out for anyone who might be present. Kavya hears him and hurries to open the windows, trying to dissipate the smoke. To her dismay, she finds an unconscious Baa on the floor but is unable to lift her own. She reassures everyone that Baa merely fainted due to the smoke and quickly contacts Vanraj and Samar for help. However, their phones are unreachable. Anupama stumbles upon a hospital file and informs Vanraj that Baa’s blood pressure had spiked, causing her to faint. Babu ji shakes his head in frustration, commenting on how Baa prioritizes caring for others over her own well-being. He also mentions how Leela has been taking on responsibilities just like Anupama does.

Vanraj states that the doctor mentioned Baa’s previous hypertension. Babu ji adds that she chose not to disclose it in order to avoid any financial burden. He then praises women as divine beings. Vanraj expresses his commitment to care for Baa just as Babu ji has done. However, Babu ji modestly deflects this by mentioning how Kavya has taken care of her instead and he hasn’t done anything. He also mentions being frightened when he saw her condition, but Kavya acted quickly by turning off the gas and calling the doctor. As everyone looks at Kavya, Baa regains consciousness and thanks her. Toshu announces this and Kinjal questions why she went to make tea when she could have waited for her to return home. Grateful, Baa thanks Kavya again and reassures everyone that she will take better care of her health going forward. Emotionally moved, Kavya leaves while Baa remains seated, assuring them of her well-being.

It looks like Malti Devi had a son, but where is he? She finds an orphanage receipt. Anuj messages her when she will be arriving. Anupama replies.


Anupama tells Anuj that she went to Gurukul and found Guru Maa’s birth certificate. She tells Anuj he is of age. She finds Malti Devi’s son’s photo and shows it to her. She asks where he is. Malti Devi cries seeing the picture.


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