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As Anuj thinks of Anupama and remembers tying Gajras in her hair, he gets teary eyes and poetic and puts a candle on the cake. He sings a a happy birthday song and says I have celebrated her birthdays since college. In the morning, Anupama prays to God and says she will stay here to find Toshu, and he will undoubtedly come to Mr. Shah’s house.

As Pari brings the card, she says she made it with Mummy’s help and wishes her a happy birthday. The angel on the card has ten hands. Anupama remembers her and becomes happy. Pari says, “You are perfect, Dadi, like Superman and Spiderman.” She asks when the cake will be cut. Kinjal says after you return from school.

As Pari exits, Kinjal greets Anupama with a heartfelt Happy Birthday. Baa and Vanraj joined them and inquired about special plans for the day. Kinjal informs her it’s Mummy’s birthday. Baa teasingly wishes her and suggests she could have been wished directly. Kinjal reminds her that Baa can wish Anupama personally as well. Baa then extends her wishes to Anupama on her special day, to which Anupama humbly touches her feet in gratitude. Baa says they had forgotten since Anupama chose to distance herself from their family. However, Anupama recalls that nobody ever remembered her birthday when they had a relationship. She recollects the past and admits to not remembering anyone acknowledging it back then, either. Vanraj chimes in, asking if Anuj didn’t send her flowers as a gesture on her birthday.

Anuj asks Aadhya about the pastry in his office. She says she knows whose birthday it is today, and she knows how important she is to you, but what matters to you is Shruti, and tells him not to mistreat her. She says she loves her very much and saw her broken in India. Please don’t take my mother away from me. We need you, and I can’t take it anymore. Anuj says he is just going to the office. Shruti hears them.

Vanraj says your Boss and Beeji didn’t send you any work. Baa says Beeji is a show-off and calls her putter putter, which makes her do a lot. Anupama says Beeji is my mother in this foreign country, and Vanraj asks about Yashdeep. He says it is none of our business and asks him to find Toshu; otherwise, she will give the video to the police, who will see him independently.

It is fascinating for Dimpy to go abroad. Kavya asks what is the matter? Dimpy tells him Titu made her wear a ring before she left for America. She says she is happy as she is also leaving. Anupama is there and will defend you both. She is happy for her and tells her she will do all the housework tomorrow.

When Anupama arrives at the restaurant, everyone wishes her a happy birthday. They make her birthday unique by presenting her with a cake. Anupama thanked them for making her meet herself after not celebrating her birthday for five years. Yashdeep asks her to open the gift.

As Dimpy and Kavya enter the kitchen, Babu ji makes custard. Today is Anupama’s birthday, so they have the sweet to celebrate her birthday. Babu ji says she used to like custard but never made it here because nobody else liked it. Babu Ji wishes her a good life.

When Anupama opens the gift and finds Anupama chai masala pack, she is surprised. Beeji says we have packed God’s gift. Anupama hugs her while Yashdeep takes her picture with the masala. Babu ji says Anupama used to remember everyone’s birthday, but nobody would remember hers. He regrets not supporting her. Kavya says you always supported her. She says you give us strength. Babu ji promises to stand by Mahi, Dimpy, Kavya, and Titu. They hug Babu ji.

Anupama inquired if my chai masala brand would have a nationwide presence. Beeji confirmed it, and Anupama suggested opening a restaurant. Vikram reminds them of their rule to close the restaurant on everyone’s birthday. Anupama expresses concern over the potential loss. Yashdeep offers to cover the loss with my chai masala. Anupama agrees. Kinjal informs Vanraj and Baa that Beeji and Yashdeep are hosting a party for Mummy’s birthday. Baa accepts the invitation, while Vanraj declines, citing his busy schedule.

During Anuj’s call, Anupama finds her phone off and charges it. She hears Anuj’s landline ringing and says hello…spice and chutney.


Shruti and Anuj arrive and wish Anupama a very happy birthday. Shruti gives her the wedding invitation card.

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