Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Karan Faces a Difficult Decision

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 25th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Manisha contacting Karan and inviting him to come over. Overwhelmed, Karan agrees to join them, causing everyone to smile and promise good treatment. Manisha blushes at the thought. Mauli suggests finding out Karan’s preferences so they can prepare his favorite food. As they plan for the menu, Mauli reassures Manisha and encourages her to enjoy the moment. She promises to make it a memorable experience for him. Grateful, Manisha thanks her while Mauli starts cleaning up with Rahul’s help. Amidst their conversation, Mini arrives, and Mauli leaves with her. Rahul playfully tells Hari that he will uncover who Mauli loves. Meanwhile, there is uncertainty about Janki’s decision for the day. Soon after, Karan arrives at their house and meets everyone.

People serve Karan the food. Manisha sits next to him. Janki says Manisha and my four sons have chosen you, so it’s their eyes. Karan thanks. He wants to spend his life with Manisha. Janki says he agrees, but he has a condition. Karan asks what that condition is. For Manisha’s sake, Janki says you must leave your family.

It’s not in my nature to leave my family for anyone. Manoj asks Janki what conditions she is keeping in mind. I am glad to hear that Janki disagreed; he is attached to his family, and not everyone leaves their family for one relationship. His family is a problem, and I have to protect my daughter, so I cannot marry him until he ends his relationship with them. He leaves. Manoj stops him and says we’ll explain, Janki. Karan says no use, thanks for trying. He leaves.

They all try to explain Janki. She argues. The kids also give their opinions. Vijay asks Rohit and Rahul to sit quietly. Mauli gets Manisha’s bridal lehenga. She makes them emotional. Manisha cries. She says this lehenga is a dream for her, so please fulfill her dream. Janki refuses and says you cannot convince me.

For her sake, Manisha asks them not to argue. In tears, she says the house has lost happiness due to me, and she will burn this lehenga today. The brothers run, put out the fire, and save the lehenga. Janki gets angry with the Bahus. The brothers refuse food. Janki takes the food to Manisha. Manisha says I know you do the right thing for me, so I am not upset. Tanvi and Swara watch.


Suprabha asks Manoj to apologize publicly.

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