Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th March 2024 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Angrily confronting Angad after watching the video of spiking her wine, Seerat realizes she is altering his face with a guy’s face in the photo and is preparing for that in the basement. He shouts in pain as she hits his legs and physically tortures him. Seerat is stunned when she hears this and asks if he got the information by stealing her basement keys.

Officers accompanied by police dogs are searching for Angad, but the canines halt at a certain point. The inspector reports that they have lost track of Angad’s scent and cannot continue their search. Meanwhile, Seerat is inflicting physical harm on Angad, who reassures her that Sahiba will soon come looking for him. Seerat, in turn, blames both Sahiba and Angad for ruining her life and vows to find and punish them. Unbeknownst to Seerat, Sahiba has hidden herself in Prakash’s truck and makes it to Seerat’s residence. Prakash enters the house with a package while Sahiba attempts to sneak in through a window, only to have it shut on her. The power goes out as she ponders another way inside, prompting Seerat to order Prakash to investigate. During the chaos, Sahiba manages to enter the house quietly.

She hit Angad’s legs with a hammer again, telling him she couldn’t change his face and do his plastic surgery without lights. Angad writhes in pain, saying he has always spared her, but she is torturing him now. She claims he has changed her to be brutal. Sahiba peeks into the window and sees Seerat, then sees Angad. Seerat checks out the room, and Sahiba enters.

Sahiba promised to find him if he ever lost him. He says he was eager to see her but worried about her safety and asks her to leave before Seerat returns. However, Sahiba refuses to leave with him and says she will only leave with him. Prakash’s legs do not work, and he can’t come with her. When she informs Prabjot about Prakash’s suspicious behavior, she will contact the family and the police.

She hits Sahiba’s head with a hammer from behind, and she collapses. Angad pleads with her not to harm Sahiba but to kill him instead. She ties Sahiba to a wheelchair and threatens to break Sahiba’s legs if he doesn’t tell her, “I love you.”.


A small boy runs to injured Sahiba on the bed and asks her to wake up so they can find Baba. The boy disappears. Sahiba touches her stomach, revealing her pregnancy.

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