Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Seerat orders food from a restaurant to send to Sudha’s bungalow. Keerat grabs her phone and inquires as to why she is doing that. Seerat informs her Brars are arriving to fix the alliance between her and Angad. Questioning who’ll pay the bill, Seerat says Sahiba will. However, Sahiba insists she has no money. Keerat interrupts and asks Seerat to stop taking advantage of Sahiba’s kindness and benefitting herself at her expense. Seerat probes why Sahiba doesn’t have money despite working for five years and earning substantial amounts of money through orders. Sahiba confesses she is broke and shows Punjabi snacks she cooked for Brars in light of the situation. Nevertheless, Seerat does not relent on her attitude.

Santosh urged Seerat to leave the kitchen immediately, as the Brars were about to depart for Sudha’s. He wanted them to reach before them and settle things down. He asked Ajith if he was ready, and upon seeing his dress, suggested him to wear her brother-in-law’s suit when they reached. Ajith refused this proposition. Santosh then stated that they would not ride in Kulcha’s auto, so she rented a car for a day and enquired who would pay for it. Keerat accused Santosh of taking advantage of Seerat’s kindness but he hushed her up right away. Subsequently, they headed towards the rented car.

Santosh orders Ajith and Sahiba to accompany her and Seerat in the car while Kulcha’s auto takes them. Despite previously agreeing, they do not comply and Sahiba reveals that Angad would break off the alliance if he finds out she is Seerat’s sister. Keerat confirms his opinion, pointing out how contentious their relationship had been earlier. In spite of her emotional plea, Santosh and Seerat depart in the car as Ajith reluctantly gets into Kulcha’s auto loaded with snack boxes by Sahiba.

The Brars ready themselves to go to Seerat’s house. Jaspal remarks on their jewller’s promotional event and wonders if Angad can make it for both. Angad promises that he would prioritize work first. Garry implores him not to be so much of a workaholic and pay a visit to Seerat’s house, while he attends the event and looks after the showroom. Angad complies with his plan. Bebe expresses her hope that they will have the alliance settled today itself. Angad states that though he admires Seerat, Manveer has the final say. Manveer insists they will only proceed with a definite agreement when everything goes as expected at Seerat’s house and tells Angad to prepare himself. To himself, Angad ponders why did his father even say such a thing?

When Santosh and Seerat arrive at Sudha’s house, Sudhea walks to them. Sudhea shows Santosh fake love for Sudha. Sudha says she called her many times but she did not come at once. Santosh emotionally blackmails even Sudha and convinces her to let Seerat’s alliance be arranged there. Her drama continues.

Seerat promises Garry she will attend the promotional event and escapes from Sudha’s house. Santosh searches for her. Kulcha wonders if Seerat eloped.

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