Anupama 21st March Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

While everyone is celebrating Holi at the Shah house Anupama is there waiting for Anuj. Will he show up?

The children are happy because Paakhi convinced Vanraj to join them for Holi celebrations. Hasmukh tells them that those who celebrate festivals always smile.

As Akush, Barkha, Anupama, and Devika arrive at the Shah house for Holi, Anupama is delighted to see Toshu with Pari on her lap. She is happy that Toshu is okay now. Toshu tells her the miracle is because of her blessings. Anupama cannot control her emotions. She prays that he gets better soon.

She hugs her three children when she recalls Anuj telling her that she will not be affected by Little Anu’s departure because she has her three kids with her. Little Anu runs to Anupama and hugs her. Everyone is very happy. Anupama says the four of you are my world. Little Anu tells Anupama that Anuj will understand why she let her go one day. As Anupama realizes that Paakhi is hugging her and Little Anu is nowhere around, she is dreaming.

In Akush’s words to Devika, Anupama is happy with her kids, but she would be happier if Anuj was around. Hasmukh inquires about Anuj and Anupama informs them that he is unavailable. Devika announces her wedding and Anupama waits for Dheeraj to bring Anuj there. He had promised to bring Anuj there and she came without him to Shah’s house on his word.

Her impatience is building. It is the first Holi since she and Anuj were married. Dheeraj is trying to convince Anuj to visit Shah’s house. Anuj points out that if she was around, it would have been Little Anu’s first Holi with them. Holi is colourless without her. Dheeraj tells him that Anupama must also be missing both of them. However, he is unable to convince Anuj.

Upon searching for Kavya, Vanraj asks Baa to check if she is not with Anirudh. Anupama tells Devika that this is her first experience with the pain of losing a child. She wishes Anuj would come. He would not be able to forget his pain, but he would at least begin to forget it. Although Anupama says she is with her three children, she cannot celebrate Holi because Little Anu isn’t with them. Devika convinces her to smile for them.

People dance and start playing Holi to music in the background. Everyone, including Vanraj, looks at Kavya as she dances with Anirudh. Vanraj pulls Kavya inside the house. Anirudh follows them to figure out what happened. Anirudh tells Vanraj not to make the same mistake he did as iff Kavya could leave him for Vanraj, she could leave Vanraj too, Baa stops them from fighting and creating a ruckus. Anirudh leaves.

Adhik wishes Dimple and hugs her but Paakhi does not like it. She asks Dimple to stay away from Adhik. Dimple and Paakhi end up fighting and Samar comes to their rescue. Samar and Adhik are confused by their behaviour.

Anupama wants to go back home but Devika convinces Anupama to stay back. Hasmukh sees them and Devika makes a sign to him. He wonders whether he should call Anuj.

The precap:

When Anuj finally arrives, Anupama runs towards him with colour on her hands. He looks at her and tells her that Little Anu’s absence has not affected her in any way.

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