Anupama 15th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 15th April 2023, Written Update on

As Dimple tells Shahs they are pointing out their mistakes, Leela says look at her tongue. She hasn’t started yet, so why should she be silent when they criticize her and Samar, she apologizes for being rude at the beginning, they are criticizing her because they themselves do many mistakes, she did not force Anupama to leave the academy and Anupama left by her own choice. Where was their concern for Anupama when Anupama left Kapadia house?

Dimple says why shouldn’t she, Anupama left Kapadia house because Anuj left Kapadia house because of them, and regarding Samar and her marriage, they are not hiding anything from them and just need their blessings.

Samar says he will marry only Dimpy if Leela is alive. Leela says she cannot be her family’s Daughter In Law until she is alive. Leela says she will not take up this marriage’s responsibility because she is tired of taking care of her children and grandchildren. She asks the family if anyone would like to take care of their wedding. Everyone stands silent. Leela says nobody wants to.

Dimple taunts that no one here can guarantee their own marriage, let alone ours. Kinjal asks Leela to calm down and asks Dimpy to speak sensibly. Leela says she shouldn’t dare talk about their house because she herself lives in another person’s house. Pakhi asks Dimple if she has problems with this house, then why she wants to become the DIL of this house.

When Pakhi asks Kavya to stop, she asks why she is interfering when she has been silent for so long. Kavya says they need to continue fighting. Leela says she can go have coffee with Anirudh. Kavya tells Adhik that she told him that they would drag everyone in their fight. Leela yells at Kavya that she cannot speak to her. Leela yells at Kavya to go and do her work. Kavya says that is the problem with her, she cannot tolerate her DIL working and wants them to always serve her.

Leela says if she is done, can they continue discussing? Samar says there is nothing to talk about, he will marry Dimple at any cost. Leela says she will not let that happen. Dimple challenges Leela. Samar and Dimple ask Vanraj if they are worried about the dance academy and not their mother. Dimple says it’s not Anuj’s fault that they have troubled Anupama.

He warns her not to speak disrespectfully to him, she has forgotten to respect elders, but if he disrespects her, she will be in trouble. At first, he didn’t oppose Dimple and Samar’s wedding, but now he’s against it; tells Leela he won’t be responsible for it. Dimple says Anuj will take care of it for sure.

It is not so bad for Vanraj that someone outside of his family will take care of his son, one who is running away from his own. Dimple says Anuj is not running away and has gone to meet his daughter. He considers her as his daughter, too. Pakhi says that’s because he doesn’t realize she’s ungrateful and will speak to her in their tone once he learns that.

As Dimple says, Anuj will definitely take care of Adhik and Pakhi after taking on their responsibility. Vanraj says her so-called Anuj sir kicked them out without a second thought. Pakhi says Dimple is not as stupid as Pakhi, and she has a PhD in intelligence. Pakhi challenges Vanraj, saying that she is sure Anuj will handle the wedding. Vanraj walks away and says, “Let’s see.”

Anupama’s scooter stops. She tells Kanta that the petrol is gone, and now they have to push the scooter. Kanta says this is life, sometimes it pushes them and sometimes it pushes them. Anupama believes she is correct. He fumes that Dimple is so confident in Anuj, who is incapable of handling his own life, that he will concentrate on his career and Anupama.

Like Leela refused to take up Toshu’s responsibility, Leela tells Dimple and Samar to forget Anuj and Anupama. She asks them to call her up and check if they don’t believe her. Kinjal asks her not to drag Anupama into all this. Leela asks why not? Anupama dumped Dimple on Samar, so why shouldn’t she?

Leela insistently calls Anupama. Anupama and Kanta exhaust themselves pushing scooters. Kanta notices Leela’s call on Anu’s mobile and ignores it, thinking her daughter is smiling after a long time. Anupama is shocked to hear that if she cannot handle her own marriage, why will she take on their responsibility? Pakhi confronts her. Dimple argues with her and claims that she is right about Anupama’s inability to handle her first and even second marriage. Pakhi throws water at her.

After refilling her scooter with petrol, Anupama asked Kanta for her phone which she heard ringing. Kanta was initially hesitant but when Anupama explained that a child won’t learn enough until they learnt to stand on their own two feet – like falling down and getting back up again – Kanta graciously gave her the phone. Turning it on, Anupama noticed Leela’s call. Samar shouted at Pakhi, while Kinjal reprimanded her further. Toshu then asked Samar how he could let Dimpy talk nonsensically about Anupama, to which he replied he didn’t mean to be rude. Toshu said this wasn’t about him; insisting that Pakhi must apologize to Dimpy. But Pakhi declined, only leading to an altercation between them both.

After Leela gets Anupama’s call, she asks her to come to handle her five Pandavas. When Anupama asks what happened, Leela says Samar and Dimpy want to marry, but nobody wants to take on their responsibility. Therefore, Anupama should take on the responsibility. She asks her to turn on the speaker on the phone and for everyone to stop fighting.

Leela requests Anupama to join in on Dimple and Samar’s wedding arrangements; she refuses citing it is their decision to make, not anyone else’s. She is ready for them as their mother in her own home but will not come to the Shah house. Anupama expresses her willingness to make amends and encourages them to do the same; visits from them are welcomed but she will not come to them. Kanta then consoles her, assuring Anupama there was no need for concern. Leela asks Dimple to go. Kinjal tells them to stop fighting now and asks Leela and Hasmukh to rest. Leela says they can’t handle it without her. Kavya asks Leela to decide.

When something goes wrong, Leela says she won’t take the blame. Hasmukh says Leela knows Samar will marry only Dimple, so Leela wants Anupama to take responsibility. Anupama did right by refusing to come here and drawing a line; they tried to learn from their mistakes, but they didn’t learn anything, even after breaking Anupama’s house.

Anupama returns home and notices Barkha with bags. Barkha says Anuj has sent all her stuff and asks if they can go in. Anupama silently watches her. Leela yells and cusses at her. Their argument starts. Vanraj walks down and throws a utensil on the floor.

In the precap, Anupama asks Barkha to return her stuff. Samar says he is leaving if no one will take up his responsibility. Barkha says she should speak to Anuj about keeping her stuff.

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