Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th March 2023 Written Update


As Angad tells Garry that his life has been wrecked and he is suffocating from within, Garry acknowledges that he understands and offers alcohol as the only solution to his suffocation.

As Manveer walks into Sahiba’s room, Angad tells him that he has to spend the rest of his life with Sahiba and see her humiliating his family often. Garry hands him a liquor bottle and provokes him against Sahiba.

Sahiba addresses her as ma’am and asks what she is doing to her. Manveer warns her not to call her ma’am since only Angad can do so. Sahiba replies that she knows who she is.

It’s not permanent, Manveer says, and the jewellery she got for the reception can be kept. Sahiba says she knows and gives her jewellery boxes.

Sahiba says that she did not even want to marry Angad but destiny led her to him. Manveer warns her not to think she can get close to Angad.

A heavily intoxicated Angad continues to provoke Garry against Sahiba and claims she is the mastermind behind all this. He asks if he met Sahiba or Seerat first. Angad recalls meeting Sahiba first and their repeated clashes.

As Garry asks him to punish Sahiba every day, Angad heads towards Sahiba’s room. Garry is pleased with the results of his plan.

She continues to humiliate Sahiba by telling her that she trapped them and married Angad, but she won’t let her near Angad; she saw how she stuck to Angad during the reception.

Sahiba promises that she will not come near Angad and asks Manveer to promise that she won’t let Angad bother her. Manveer shouts how dare she say that her son is well disciplined and neither she nor her husband has needed to teach him. Sahiba comments that is why Angad is like that. Manveer adamantly pulls her hand and asks what she said. Sahiba says nothing as he leaves with jewellery and locks the door from outside. Veer notices that and feels sorry for her.

Veer stops Angad and tells him to go to Sahiba’s room since he is intoxicated. Angad refuses. Inder passes by and calls Darji and congratulates him for making another alcoholic.

Angad pushes Veer away and goes into Sahiba’s room. Sahiba asks him to behave. He demands to consummate with Sahiba. Sahiba pushes him away.

She pushes him away again and threatens to tell his family about his behaviour. Angad shouts, “I love you!”…

Intoxicated Angad is made to sleep on Sahiba’s bed. She has pulled over him as he sleeps.

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