Meet 28th February 2023 Written Update


As Jasodha tells Manmeet, everyone’s behaviour has changed since Meet entered the house; Sundari is smoking cigarettes, and she shows him a pack. Anuja looks at a boy and his father spending time together. She says to Sundari when I become a boy, Sarkar Tauji will also love me as he does his boy. Sundari says he will proudly call you Anuj.

As soon as I become a boy, Anuja tells her mom that she will also act like Jasodha Taiji. Sundari says when you become a boy, your father will walk around with pride because he will be having a boy and Meghna will have a brother; you know I brought a lot of dowries when I came to this house, but I got to be a servant just because I gave birth to girls, and I will never forget the day you were born.

In response, Anuja asks Sundari when I will get operated on and become a boy. Sundari says I’ll celebrate and proudly announce I am the mother of a boy. Anuja hugs her tightly. Sundari and Anuja walk to Jasodha and say you started smoking. Sundari says what are you talking about, I don’t smoke anything. Jasodha says why are you lying. Sundari says you know I suffer from asthma.

In the market, Manmeet remembers Meet putting off the cigarette. He says Sundari Chachi is not smoking, but Meet is smoking, and she is not cultured. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, smoking is a taboo or a fashion. Cigarettes hurt both boys and girls equally. Manmeet says why don’t you accept I don’t smoke. Meet says why should I accept when I don’t smoke.

Sundari and Anuja walk out of the situation. Mahendra walks in and says things will clear up now. Sundari says thank god they didn’t see any hospital documents in Anuja’s room. Despite the fact that Meet says he’s ready to take the test, Manmeet said he would have to accept my conditions if he couldn’t prove it. I’ve seen you putting off cigarettes, so don’t try to scare me. Meet says to Manmeet, then why are you scared? Accept my condition.

Meet tells everyone you all heard Manmeet gave me his word, and if we lose now Mahendra will not smoke. Mahendra is in shock. Manmeet says to Mahendra, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Shagun says to Manmeet, don’t mess with Meet. Shagun says you are the one who I trust more. Manmeet asks Meet if you have any conditions. Meet recalls talking to Meghna about her dream and says if you lose to prove me wrong, then Meghna will have the chance to complete her studies.

Manmeet says I accept it. Meghna starts smiling. Manmeet asks her to come forward and look at them. Manmeet smells her breath. Mahendra says don’t say she didn’t smoke. Jasodha asks Manmeet to check on her. Manmeet tries to check on her. Meet starts laughing and says I feel tickled. Manmeet picks her up and spins her around until she gets dizzy. Everyone is looking for the tobacco pack on the floor. Manmeet looks for anything that has fallen.

You saw me with a cigarette this morning, but I wasn’t smoking it. I was putting it off because cigarette smoke is harmful to everyone. According to this condition, Mahendra will not smoke since a man in his house told me to stop. I don’t believe it, Mahendra says.

Manmeet tries to convince Mahendra about the man’s words. Mahendra says it’s about your younger brother’s reputation. He walks away and says, “Listen to me carefully from now on, you won’t include me in your fights or take my decision for you.” Meet asks Manmeet what about my second condition. Manmeet replies that no one will keep Meghna from studying. Meghna looks at Meet and smiles. Manmeet walks away.

Shagun asks Jasodha, did you see how cleverly she put up her conditions in front of Manmeet and won, I’m still nervous about Manmeet’s wrestling match. Jasodha gets worried and walks away from Meet. Anuja and Sundari together. Sundari shows Anuja the safe with cash and jewellery. Sundari gives her money. Sundari says Jasodha left it open because of the Cigarette case and asks her to leave with 2 lakhs before anyone sees her and leave for tomorrow’s surgery.

Then Anuja asks what you will do if the police look for me during my two-day hospital admission. Sundari says I’ll handle that for now. Let’s go. Sarkar was in the room with Manmeet, Jasodha and Shagun. He stood by the window and addressed the whole village, insisting that they follow his instructions. However, he noticed Meet making her own rules – Mahendra to listen to her and Meghna to complete her studies. Sarkar then looked at Manmeet and gave him an ultimatum – if he lost a match against her in two days’ time, she would become his wife and he would no longer be able to get rid of her from his life or palace.

In your eyes, this is the first time I can see you don’t trust me. Sarkar says yes, you’re right, after seeing everything, I don’t trust you at all. This is the first time I’m seeing you lose from a woman, and if you lose, it will damage my reputation.

She is sitting in the room. Shagun passes her. Meet tells her that even Sarkar believes that Manmeet will lose from me. She starts walking away. If he becomes my permanent husband, will you make him your brother if he becomes my permanent husband? You have time to think about it. If Manmeet loses, then I’m in and you’re out, and after that he won’t be able to go inside the arena and fulfil his dream.

Shagun asks if you will leave if I give you the documents. Meet replies yes. Shagun recalls what Manmeet told her about the wrestling match and says do you think I’m a fool, tomorrow is Mahashivratri and me and Manmeet will visit the temple to take blessings from Shivji to keep us together and in the next 2 days Manmeet will defeat you, so why should I give you documents? She walks away. I have only 2 days with Meet and she is not listening at all.

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