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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Shweta waking up from a dream. Raavi worries about Shiva. She sees their wedding picture. She cries. She says I can’t risk Shiva’s presence. Shiva promises to beat the men if they do anything wrong. Shesh says my mum is paying a lot of attention to Chutki. Chiku says we will trouble her. They call her Chutki. Gautam says no, Dhara will beat me. Shiva says you are still scared of her. Rishita smiles seeing Chutki. She scolds the kids.

As Dhara, Krish and Shweta come home, Rishita asks them to keep quiet. Shweta sees Rishita with Natasha and thinks she is trying to win Natasha’s affection. Shweta asks Rishita to get some water. She drops it down. She asks if he can hold a glass, the doll house got wet. Krish says yes.

Natasha says you’re a terrible aunty, stay away from me. She cries. Krish takes the bags. He asks whose luggage it is. Dhara says, neighbours. Rishita ruined the doll house. She apologizes. Shweta scolds her. Rishita says she is my daughter, not yours. Natasha says you lie, Shweta is my momma, I am not your daughter, you are a bad aunt.

The men take the furniture and stuff. Mittu gets his ball. Shweta consoles Natasha. Dhara says I’ll go inside and check it out. Prerna waits outside. Raavi gets her bags. Suman scolds her. Raavi says I can’t put Shiva’s life at risk. Raavi takes the call. Dhara sends the kids outside. The man asks if you got your belongings, I got my money, and I’ve called to say thanks. When Raavi asks what happened, he says yes, I got extra money, I can’t keep you at my house, I got the money from Dhara Pandya’s account. Raavi sees Dhara.

She says Dhara is doing wrong. Prerna looks inside the house. She gets an idea. She hides in a chest. Shweta cleans the dollhouse and asks Natasha to stay away from Rishita. I swear, I did not ask him to send your things here after I had paid the rent, because I thought you would get some peace. Prerna looks on. Raavi says you want me to stay here. Dhara asks why I would lie. Raavi asks her to stop. Natasha asks why are they shouting.

We will play music and hear it. Raavi scolds Dhara. Dev asks what she’s saying. Dhara asks the man to wait outside for 10 minutes. Rishita says she isn’t saying wrong, why do you want to interfere in everyone’s affairs? Suman says stop it, even if she does right, you all scold her, what wrong did she do?

Raavi admits to having wronged us on many occasions. Dhara affirms, adding that it was her plan which resulted in her marriage with Shiva. She questions the accountability of Chiku and Raavi for his current state, as both were present then. Reminding Raavi of her commitment as Gauri, she challenges if it is apt that she could not save him from being hurt. Questioning the former’s plotting against Shiva and causing him to be distant from others, Dhara suggests bringing it out in the open.

Raavi cries. Rishita says Shiva is her husband. Suman says she is right.

Shiva, Krish, and Dev are my children, did you both think before doing anything, did you think of Suman, she stayed away for 7 years, and she waited for them every day, why, because of you two.


Prerna is at home, how can I save her from Shweta? Shweta says I have Natasha, the day I see Prerna here, I will break all relations here.

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