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Pandya Store

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Krish begins by expressing his doubt of believing Shweta’s supposed ‘drama’. She acts ‘dizzy’ and falls into his arms, to which Dhara remarks about her theatrics. She speaks with Raavi, pushing her point that Shweta cannot be their bahu, that Prerna is. Raavi brings up the possibility of Shweta being pregnant and Dhara insists it is all a show. Raavi questions how they can keep Krish and Shweta apart in that case. Dhara admits to having coerced Shiva and Raavi into marriage but claims it was only to protect the latter; she apologizes for such an action. Raavi realizes the power of love after marrying Shiva – something she reflects on positively.

Dev was an intermediary to bring her closer to Shiva. She expresses her gratitude for him, although she is sorry for any trouble he has gone through. Then she suggests that the same thing must be done with Krish and Prerna as Dhara states how Shweta has ruined his life. Raavi agrees, pointing out that Shweta may have been written in his fate. They continue to debate the situation until she proposes they end this fight as Shiva, Mittu and herself don’t recognize each other due to it. When Dhara asks what should be done, she ponders giving up on her.

Raavi says no way to winning her with love; Dhara retorts by saying what about Prerna – her life was ruined. Raavi sympathises with her pain, but tells her that this is life before departing. Dhara cries and pleads not to do it, as none of it is Prerna’s fault. Raavi takes fruits for Shweta who is not in the mood to eat any of them. Suman comes and expresses her happiness on seeing Prerna there. When Shivank arrives, everyone gets astonished learning that he and Prerna had tied the knot. Suman suggests that they should move forward from this marriage since their union is not something conventional. Everyone is left stumped at hearing this.

She says Krish, take me to the room, we need to decide who will sleep on which side of the bed. I am pregnant, so I need you to take care of me. He sees Prerna. Rishita takes Shweta with her. Suman asks Dhara to talk to her. She sees her room and smiles. Dhara says Prerna won’t move on with Shivank. Suman asks why she came home then, she would have gone with her parents, and prepared a room for her. Prerna cries.

Shivank queries if something is wrong, and begins to act. He says Rimjhim told him to move on with someone else; she scolds him to stay within his limits. Shweta mentions that the room they’re in has tranquillity and Krish adds that Suman won’t remain there for long. After the baby requests not to say such things, Dhara is asked by Suman to explain Prerna’s side of the story. Prerna states her pregnancy should be known by Krish, as it is his child, and states she will resolve matters and go back to Canada. He watches Raavi approaching them and worries if she heard every word.

It’s your baby, why do you want to punish it, I won’t let that happen. Krish says stop this drama. He tells Rishita to get Shweta’s blood test done, find out the truth and get her away. Suman says get Shweta’s blood test done. Dhara says yes, I’ll do that. Shivank says confirm it, if Shweta is really pregnant, or is this her scheme. He believes that I need to stop Shweta. As soon as Shweta’s truth comes out, he says, do whatever you want.


I must accept Shweta as my fourth bahu and reform her. Shweta says I will see what I do once I become the fourth bahu.

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