Pandya Store 7th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 7th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shweta creating a scene before the entire gathering. Enraged, Rishita orders her to leave. Ruchi asks Krish if Shweta really is pregnant. He shared that he was unconscious when she took him to the hotel room. Mahesh reprimands him for it. Shweta says to Prerna, you know I have always loved Krish, you were present that night, if you wish to enter his life, well then be ready to be the second woman in line. Mahesh and Ruchi admonish Prerna after hearing this. In light of this, Rishita suggests they should take Shweta to a hospital for tests and she obliges them by saying that she will accompany them there herself.

Rishita proposes that they all get tests done, with Dhara agreeing that there can be no risk taken. Suman and Gautam think it is best to go home and talk, while Ruchi inquires about what is going to happen with Prerna. Suman suggests that Prerna will return to Canada, but Krish decides he too should accompany her which leads to a discussion among them. Mahesh tries to book the flight tickets but Prerna contemplates and says she needs time for contemplation. Shivank intervenes and quarrels with Krish in support of Prerna due to which he gets ecstatic and breaks into a dance. Further, he calls Rimjhim asking her to be far away from him.

At home, Dhara apologizes to Suman, who reminds them that they will become stronger when all the fingers join together. Rishita hugs her for saving Chutki’s life and says that everyone misunderstood their intentions of not visiting Dhara at the hospital, to which Raavi agrees. They all promise each other that they will never doubt one another’s intentions, so that they may be able to beat Shweta. Clasping hands in solidarity, the group notices Shweta return home and Prerna come with them. Ignoring her request for a welcome, Dhara scolds her and Suman holds Prerna’s hand reassuringly. Shweta is determined not to leave the house easily.

Suman scolds her and says I don’t know whether you’re lying or telling the truth. She appears dizzy and lies to them. Suman asks Raavi to leave. Someone comes to the pandya house with Dhara’s picture. Shiva says I feel something is wrong, Gautam says I’ll see a doctor. Prerna believes I need to inform Krish about my pregnancy, otherwise I’ll discontinue it. Shweta asks Krish to support her, since she’s carrying his baby.


I have to accept Shweta as my fourth bahu and reform her. Shweta says let’s see what I do after I become the fourth bahu.

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