Pandya Store 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store

In the episode, Rishita says I will prepare my bags and keep everything ready. Dhara wonders why you are so hurried. Raavi says I also have to go to work, but I wish we got the store, but when will it happen, it will take a long time, I can’t let Shiva enter the boxing ring, you have seen his state, so I will work double.

Krish leaves. Rishita says don’t know when Krish will arrive. Dev and Rishita say we will go to the market. Rishita asks Dhara to feed Chutki. Gautam says he will take Chiku out and call Krish too. He goes. Dhara cries. Suman warns them of the coming storm.

Shiva goes to get a job. Dhara says the Pandya store isn’t ours anymore. She says you’re acting in front of me, you didn’t get any call, practice lying. Dev and Rishita talk. He asks how will we manage everything there. She says it will be managed, Shweta shouldn’t cheat us, and now I’m scared of her. Krish is home.

He says he couldn’t get the papers. Dhara asks if you told Shweta about the papers. He says I tried my best, she caught me with the photo, I didn’t tell her anything. Her response is that I have to do this now. He asks where you go, because she can trap you. She says don’t tell anyone, I will get Dad’s picture at any cost. Dhara asks Chutki not to make any noise.

In the meantime, Shweta is on call. Dhara goes and gets the photo. Dev and Rishita come home. They ask about Chutki. Rishita asks Krish, did you get the photo, where is Dhara? She asks Suman. Shweta says she saw you coming, I knew you were taking the picture, I wanted you to be arrested. She has Dhara arrested. Suman says calm down, I will say. Dhara sees the police.

Dhara took Chutki. Suman says don’t say it for my sake. Suman asks Krish to say it. Dhara’s picture frame falls. He says Shweta tricked us and snatched this shop. Inspector asks her to stop it. Shweta scolds Dhara for getting hurt by the glass pieces. She gets the death certificate. Dhara says please, it’s out shop.

Rishita asks where Chutki is. Krish says Dhara went to get the picture, I tried to stop her. Dhara says this store’s Laxmi can never go out. Shweta looks on. She says congratulations on getting jailed to Dhara. Rishita and Dev arrive. She asks where Chutki is. Shweta teases her.

Rishita says just tell me where Chutki is, and I will go. Dev notices blood stains on the glass pieces. Rishita worries.


Rishita scolds Dhara. Gautam defends Dhara. Dev says Chutki is in the police station because of Dhara. Dhara gets jailed.

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