Meet Written Episode Update 3rd January 2023


Ahlawat gets scared when he sees a snake in front of him. Chief looks at number 3 and asks where the rest of the girls are. He replies that they are making ladoos. Ragini gets scared and shows her ladoo. She says I was feeling hungry and thought of having one. She gets angry and says ready everything in 10 minutes.

Then Meet Ahlawat calms himself down and says he can save Meet. He prays to God that he will pass through his way so that he can save Meet and everyone else. Ragini mixes medicine into ladoo. Number 1 asks them to leave. Ragini tells Priya ladoo with cardamom is for terrorists.

Meet Ahlawat’s path and leave. As everyone walks through the corridor, Ragini walks to the Meeting and sits down. The chief asks everyone to perform all the rituals quickly. Ahlawat is looking for a way to get to the hospital.

Ragini applies haldi to Meet and says, don’t worry, I made it clear you can apply this haldi I’ll use Meet Ahlawat’s name in all rituals. Ahlawat steps on a nail and hurts himself. Chanda says they will not go to sleep until some time after eating ladoo has passed. Number 3 is excited to get married and to share his thoughts with number 1.

She closes her eyes and imagines herself with Meet Ahlawat, telling her, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to see you.” As they spend quality time together, Meet Ahlawat promises her that she will always be in your heart.

Meet comes out of her imagination. Number 3 asks to play a song and enjoy it, he asks her to join him to dance. She gets up. Meet Ahlawat stops his bleeding by tying a hankie around his foot and says I’m coming. Police and reporters get confused after hearing the songs. The reporter says we can hear music coming from inside the hospital. Chanda is giving ladoo to every terrorist.

He gathers his strength and starts walking after meeting Ahlawat who takes out her dupatta and thanks her for reminding him that she is with him. Meet sees ladoo saying we’ll all go to sleep after eating it. Chanda walks to Chief with ladoo, he picks one. Meet also gives one ladoo to number 3.

The chief hears someone’s phone ring, he stops playing music and finds a phone in a flower pot, he asks whose phone it is. Priya gets scared and says it’s mine. Chief sees a message from Sonu and asks who he is.

He reads the message saying that the terrorist had the ladoo and went to bed. The chief shouts and asks everyone to throw the ladoo. He reads the message and learns what Meet’s plan is. Meet is thrown on the ground by the chief, I warned you not to act smart, he asks number one to give her the marriage gift. Number one slaps and hits her repeatedly. Ahlawat enters the hospital and says, “Wait, I’m coming.”.


The chief says whoever kills her will get a reward, so who wants to be lucky and walk out? Ahlawat comes forward and says I’ll kill her. He asks him to shoot. Ahlawat shoots at her stomach and falls.

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