Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Vikram tells Dida that Khushi looks like Ranbir. Dida asks him to come with her. Prachi hears and gets upset. She tells Laali that she has some work with Khushi and will take her for two minutes. Akshay tells Ranbir that even though he doesn’t want to drink in front of her, he doesn’t want to lose respect if she respects him. Ranbir asks if she doesn’t respect him.

She respects me but insults me to my face, but Dad says she shows me the mirror. Ranbir says she shows your reality. Akshay says she tells me what I don’t know about myself. In response to Ranbir’s question, Akshay replies Dad is my number one friend and you are number two. Ranbir asks what Dad’s decision is. Akshay replies that Dad is super happy, this girl is his first preference, and he is happy that I love her as well.

Regardless of who you love, your family will hate her, and he will be sandwiched then and suffer. Akshay asks if you have tolerated all this. I have suffered and endured everything. I will tell you everything when we have a drink in hand. Ashok calls Akshay. Akshay says that his dad will ask him if he proposed to her.

It’s Prachi who takes Khushi to her room and tells her that she looks like her. Khushi says yes, and tells her that she likes Alia Bhatt too, but she finds you to be more beautiful. Laali calls Khushi and she says Maayi is calling. Prachi tells Khushi she looks like her. Khushi agrees. Prachi gets Dadi’s call and tells her Khushi looks like her.

Prachi says Ranbir’s father saw him in her. Dadi says that’s why you’re competing. Prachi says Khushi looks like her. On the terrace, Ranbir asks Akshay how he is going to propose. Akshay says yes and shows the ring. Ranbir tells him to go and propose.

He says I used to prepare speeches for her, but when she was in front of me, I couldn’t speak. He says he has proposed to her for 3 years, but she rejects him. He says when I came here, I proposed, but she refused. Ranbir asks how is this possible. Ranbir asks how you propose. Akshay says he takes the ring and asks, Will you marry me? He says she declines. Ranbir asks who proposes this way and asks him to propose in front of him.

Ranbir asks if this was the best proposal for the girl you love so much. Akshay asks how he can make it more special, and he asks him to tell him. Badi Dida tells Rhea that she is very happy and doesn’t know how to control it. She is happy to meet everyone. She stops at the bakery and buys a cake for Ranbir and writes happy birthday on it.

Badi Dida says you’re happy today since you’re going to meet your love. Rhea says it’s not like that. Ranbir thinks about how to tell Akshay. He goes to Laali and asks if the projector will fit. Laali says yes. Ranbir recalls and a FB is shown. Ranbir is about to propose to Prachi and asks for a chance, saying that he has been practising for a long time.

Seeing his proposal, he sits and reads it. He asks for a chance and asks her to act as she saw him just now. She asks him to fix the big screen behind her and read it to her. Ranbir pulls her close and says I love you, will you marry me. Prachi says yes, yes, yes, I will marry you Baklu. Ranbir says chikchiki. Laali thinks they don’t want decoration, but Khushi. She decides whether to give Khushi to Ranbir or Prachi. Ranbir tells Akshay that he will tell him, and asks him not to do what he was doing.

In front of her, he tells him to keep his heart open, and the things will come out automatically from your heart. He tells him to make her feel that you love her more than anyone else. To make her feel that you will never hurt her, that your love for her will never diminish, that you will always love her no matter what, and that you will never leave her hand and support. Akshay says I love you, will you marry me? He says I love you when you are fine and will love you even more when you are not fine.

The waitress hears the proposal and leaves shocked. Akshay says he’ll go and propose. Prachi asks Priya to check the emails. Priya sees Akshay bending down on one knee. Dida says to Ranbir’s parents, Ranbir’s life ended with Prachi, and his new life began with Rhea, there is no one else in Ranbir’s life but Rhea.

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