Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2024 Written Update RV Outsmarts Armaan in Business Deal

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Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Poorvi asks RV for halwa, he says it has some soil in it but is bhog. RV receives Khushi’s call. Poorvi apologizes to him for her mistake and says she will convince everyone. Bhabhi might have added soil to the halwa since she hates her. Khushi calls Armaan and asks him to pick her up. Prachi knocks at the door, asking Khushi to open it.

As per the schedule, Armaan says he will pick her up after the meetings. Prachi knocks on the door. Khushi opens the door and says she is in the washroom. She tells her Diya is troubling her, so she shuts the door. Poorvi thinks she is in trouble. RV asks Poorvi to ensure nothing goes wrong for the muh dikhayi and leaves. Poorvi believes RV is very mad at her.

Damini enters the kitchen and inquires about mixed soil in the halwa. Deepika confirms that she used soil and plans to do so again whenever the opportunity arises. She clarified that she used the same soil that was already present there. Damini questions why it was necessary to resort to such measures, reminding Deepika that Poorvi’s sister did not make a mistake. Deepika wonders why Damini is being overly dramatic about the situation. Damini playfully praises her, and they high-five each other. As they continue laughing, Dadi asks what has caught their amusement. Damini quickly covers up by saying they were joking around. Dadi then advises them to refrain from speaking ill of others and urges them to improve their behavior.

Armaan arrives for the business meeting and is informed by his employee that RV will join them. Upon hearing this, Armaan instructs his employee to address RV as “RV sir” and shares that he is now his sister-in-law’s husband. As soon as RV arrives, Armaan attempts to recognize him. RV approaches and introduces himself, pointing out that they haven’t crossed paths at previous business meetings. He adds that life often brings us face-to-face with people we would rather avoid. The auction for the hotel commences, with both RV and Armaan surprising everyone by raising the bid amount. The auction ended at 100 crores, with Armaan successfully purchasing the hotel.

As RV claps, he tells Armaan he won’t let anyone win. He asks Armaan if he is willing to give 100 crores. He tells me that Armaan’s business partner committed suicide. He told me that I could give 100 crores. Armaan says he was depressed. RV asks the hotel owner whether he wants to sell the hotel to him or whether he wants to lose 100 crores by selling it to Armaan. The hotel owner sells the hotel to RV for 100 crores. RV signs the deal and smiles. Armaan continues.

Poorvi thinks of speaking to Khushi and believes she will think she’s right. RV tells Armaan he can’t talk to him because he’s her husband and rival. He says not to take this on your heart and that victory and defeat are part of business.

She asks Poorvi about the clothes she will wear for Muh Dikhayi. Poorvi shows her the dress Prachi made, and Deepika makes faces. Deepika says her mother’s fashion sense is terrible, so she will ask Maa to arrange the clothes. Harleen tells Poorvi that she will arrange it. She thinks she will behave well with everything and nothing will happen to her. She goes. Poorvi asks if I behaved wrong with someone. Deepika says you won’t make any mistakes.


Harleen tells Harman that Poorvi is here just for a day and will be back after tomorrow, so we don’t need to see her face again. Khushi enters as Poorvi sits for her muh dikhayi.

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