Mehndi Wala Ghar 14th February 2024 Written Episode: Family Drama Unfolds as Misunderstandings Lead to Surprising Revelations

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 14th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Manoj questioning Mini’s actions. Vicky expresses frustration over Mini eating paan at the paan store and even shares a picture as proof. He questions if decent girls from good families behave in such a manner. Suprabha reveals that Rahul and Mauli are supporting Vicky’s accusations. Ajay suggests everyone stay calm and have a conversation about it. Both Manoj and Vijay firmly state that their children are incapable of such behaviour. Suprabha insists on calling Mini to get to the truth, so Akshay calls Golu instead. As it turns out, Golu saves Mauli’s marriage photos on his phone, which further confuses the situation. Rahul takes Golu’s phone to answer Akshay’s call and asks him to come home immediately. This angers Suprabha, who declares that Mini can no longer be accepted as their daughter-in-law. The tension rises among everyone present.

Suprabha scolds Mini after she drops the shopping bags. She asks Vicky to come. Mauli sees Manisha. She thinks Manisha might have sent this picture to Mini. Does she want to end Mini’s marriage? Bade Papa says Mini is young, and she made a mistake, so forgive her. Manoj says forgive her. Suprabha says we got related to the wrong family. Manisha says she doesn’t want to break Mini’s marriage.

Vijay stops Rahul. He says I’ll handle this. He thinks we’ll end this matter, and you punish Mini. He gets a wooden stick and says you beat her on her hand. He asks Mini to come. Mini gets scared. Suprabha is about to beat Mini. Rahul stops her. Rahul says Vicky, come here, and you should also be punished. Vicky asks, “Did you go mad?”?

Rahul says you made a more significant mistake because Vicky goes to the pawn shop daily to eat paan and smoke. He shows Vicky’s pictures to Suprabha. Suprabha throws the stick and argues while Rahul defends Mini. Suprabha says we can’t fix the matter if our family loses respect for Mini. I have to tell you the truth if this matter has reached this point. Sorry, Mini. I have to surprise you.

She says Mini was eating the paan just because you like it. Suprabha asks how I came between. You are very important to Mauli, so she planned a surprise for you. She wanted the best paan for the baraatis, so we visited many paan shops to taste it, and she rejected all of them. She praises Mini. Suprabha asks Mini why she hasn’t told her about this earlier.

Mauli advises Vicky to quit smoking, while Rohit reminds Rahul of his scheduled meeting with chef Ajay Khanna. Meanwhile, Mauli asks Golu to bring paan for everyone, eliciting smiles from the group. Manas and Aashna are at the hotel discussing their strategy, with Manas confidently stating that Ajay Khanna will agree to work with them. Just then, Rahul arrives and notices them. Aashna excuses herself and leaves the room while Manas greets Rahul with a light-hearted joke, and they laugh. Rahul jokingly points out their “Kismat connection”. Later, Mauli goes to Manisha’s room and retrieves her phone. Upon seeing the pictures on it, she confirms her suspicion and says, “I was right”. However, Manisha enters the room and takes back her phone.


Janki blesses Mini. The decorations fall over Jyoti. Mauli follows some mysterious person.

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