Mehndi Wala Ghar 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Manoj’s Plea and Mauli’s Decision

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Manoj crying and praying. He says he understands why Mauli has hidden the matter from me. Janki says we will make Manas and Mauli’s marriage work. They have to sit in the puja and call Manas. She holds Manoj; he cries and holds her hand. You are correct. One gets punished for mistakes, but forgiveness is also there. Forgive me. Manas did wrong with Mauli. He asks her not to let go.

Manas’ mangalsutra gets stuck in Mauli’s hair. Janki says to talk to him, I’ll solve this problem. Rahul says don’t struggle, break it, and make it away, as it symbolizes a husband and wife’s love and commitment. You and Manas have no relationship, so break free. It’s holding you back. She says you think I don’t want to get out of this relationship, and I can’t tell him the truth. He says he’ll feel bad if he knows it from someone else. Come.

Ajanta asks Manoj whether Mauli has met Manas. Manoj replies, no. He is not in Mumbai; he is here in Ujjain with Aashna. This is the first time he hasn’t called Ajanta. She wonders why Rahul is in Mumbai. Rahul asks Mauli to book a cab. He goes to get water for her. The goon takes her bag. She asks him to leave her bag. The goon asks her to give it. She shouts for help.

In a display of bravery, Rahul swiftly takes on the goons, causing trouble. One of the goons demands Mauli’s mangalsutra, to which Rahul responds by instructing her to break it free from the grasp of the goon. The police arrive, and the goons flee from the scene. Mauli notices that Rahul has been injured and offers to help him. She tends to his wound, and he playfully questions if she is carrying a whole hospital. In celebration of Independence Day, he commends Mauli for her courage and invites her to join him at a party. As they converse, a call interrupts them, and Mauli smiles at the thought of Rahul. He asks who she is talking to, and she looks around before realizing it is her inner self speaking.

Then he asks what you said, talk to me, come. Janki says you should remind Pandit Ji about tomorrow’s puja. Akshay says you said you would come to see Mini’s alliances. She says I forgot. He argues. She says I am doing my duty; it is not essential you know about it; call the groom’s family. Rahul and Mauli worry Janki. A sadhu asks for Bhiksha.

Rahul and Mauli arrive, and Mauli hands money to Sadhu. He blesses them for a happy life and addresses them as husband and wife. Rahul playfully remarks that a man and woman can be friends, not just spouses. Janki observes from afar as Mauli points out Janki to Rahul. Janki then offers them rice, saying that in their society, a man and woman can only go out together if they are married; otherwise, such friendships are uncommon. She invites them inside, but Sadhu interjects that they are not wedded; Mahadev knows his divine plan.

Tanvi inquires about Rahul’s whereabouts, to which he responds apologetically that despite having no prior plans, he had to travel to Mumbai urgently. Tanvi mentions that Mauli also happened to be in Mumbai simultaneously. Rahul then shares the details with them, prompting Manoj to express his surprise at not being informed and commending Rahul for handling the situation single-handedly. Mauli acknowledges Manoj’s role and appreciates him as her father. Vijay applauds Rahul for responding to Dr. Khurana and expresses his pride. In return, Rahul humbly thanks him. Manoj becomes emotional, causing Mauli to ask if something is bothering him, upon which he suggests she rest for a while.

As Akshay asks Mauli to leave, Manoj asks what she is saying. Akshay says she cannot stay here when she’s not your bahu, Manas, and her relationship has ended. Mauli is shocked. Akshay says we heard this from some people who have insulted us, so how will I find an alliance for Mini? He asks how dare you ask for property share when you’re not a part of this family.

The relationship was broken by Manas, not Mauli, my daughter, before becoming my bahu. Vijay asked why you ruined her life, knowing Manas loved someone else, believing Mauli would be the best fit for him. Despite his love for me, Mauli says he didn’t spoil my life. I married Manas and I said yes, but Manoj just wanted me to stay in his family, so he loved me. Vijay says my son stood by you when you needed help, but Manas did not.

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