Mehndi Wala Ghar 12th February 2024 Written Episode: Family Drama, Pre-Wedding Celebrations, and Hidden Motives

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

Vicky’s mum says we like Mini, so we agreed to this alliance. Rahul jokes. Mauli praises Mini. She says you will feel lucky to get a bahu like her. You’re a new bahu, and you’d think good of them. Our family is respected, and our daughters have settled into their shali. She taunts Manisha. Rahul wonders what she means. She says our family respect shouldn’t be spoiled, and don’t repeat Vicky’s mistake.

Rahul says it’s unhealthy to talk to them. Vicky says nothing should go wrong if her mother says it. Saloni returns home. Vicky’s mum sees her and says you’re the TV show’s bahu, right? Saloni says yes. Vicky’s mother says sit with me. Saloni takes a selfie with Vicky. Rahul says she believes she will become a celebrity if she sits with a TV actor.

Getting famous is Vicky’s mum’s goal. She says the marriage functions should be grand now that your family is here, and a dance competition will be held between girl and boy families. Saloni says it is an excellent idea, and we can record the performance and post it on social media. Swara says no, we can’t do it. Tanvi says I don’t know either. Vicky says it should happen if mum says it will happen.

After Vicky and his family leave, Mauli signs Bade Papa and smiles. Janki raises her hand to stop her, questioning how to call them. Janki passionately shares that it concerns Mini’s life, and she will take full responsibility if anything goes wrong. Mauli acknowledges that Janki has scolded her and brought her into the family. Manisha comments that Mauli would make a great lawyer but reminds everyone that Janki’s word is final as she is the judge. Manoj adds that Mauli is doing this for him, fulfilling his wish to stay in this house. He also takes this opportunity to apologize for his mistake and work towards making amends. The four brothers unite, and the family feels whole once again.

Vijay chuckles and inquires about the hidden impetus behind your return. Swara responds by stating that everyone in this household has their motivations. Tanvi questions her, saying that what she and the others have done for the family was without any selfish intentions. Manisha interjects, accusing them all of being self-centred and oblivious to her suffering. She holds them responsible for her ruined life and failed marriage, enduring defamation and losing her happiness. Despite it all, she agrees to stay on their terms as long as they can guarantee Mini’s relationship will not suffer the same fate as hers. However, if they fail to keep their promise and Mini’s marriage falls apart, she warns that her curse will be upon them. On the contrary, if they can successfully marry Mini without impediment, she will forgive Manoj.

Upon hearing Bade Papa’s decision, everyone started preparing for the upcoming marriage. Manoj smiled, and Vaibhav approached Rahul, stating it was time to settle some scores. However, upon noticing Mauli’s desolate expression, Rahul saw an opportunity to make amends. With troubled thoughts, Manoj went to talk to Mauli, and she asked him why he seemed so worried. He confessed his fear of being cursed by Manisha and admitted that he regretted coming here in the first place. But Mauli reassured him, reminding him of their shared belief that good intentions will always pave the way towards success. Despite the daunting responsibility ahead, Mauli promised to support each other. All this while, Rahul watched on admiringly, realizing Mauli’s bravery.

It’s morning. Janki does the aarti. Mauli saves the diya. She apologizes for yesterday’s mess and promises to make everything right. She shows me the message group and says we’ll talk. I messaged them to come for dancing practice at 8 a.m. Janki says yes, but no one replies. It’s already 8 a.m., and no one will show up.

Everyone replies okay. Mauli smiles. Everyone comes out for the dance practice. Mauli says the entire family wants Mini’s wedding to be a success, and if you bless us, dance practice will also be successful.


A mysterious figure follows Mauli. Janki blesses Mini. The decorations fall over Jyoti.

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