Mehndi Wala Ghar 19th April 2024 Written Update: Tensions Rise as Relationships Are Tested

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

As the episode commences, Mauli is seen sobbing while reflecting on Rahul. Shortly after, Manisha answers a phone call and reprimands the person at the other end. Reluctantly, she agrees to meet them for what could potentially be their final encounter. Meanwhile, Janki purchases a present for Manisha. Vicky and Suprabha arrive and are greeted by Janki, Nanhe, and Mini. However, things turn sour when Suprabha insults Manisha and Mini in front of everyone. She even goes as far as to mock Janki’s daughters. In response, Janki reminds her that Vicky is not engaged yet and questions whether Suprabha will keep him at home. In an attempt to defend himself, Vicky behaves rudely towards Nanhe and ends up pushing him down.

Mini asks you how dare you leave. He says don’t do a drama. Nanhe asks him to get up. Vicky taunts him. Janki slaps Vicky. He raises his hand on her. Manoj stops him. He scolds Vicky and beats him. The people ask Manoj to beat Vicky harder. Suprabha says to leave him. Manoj warns Vicky. He says I will take revenge, I won’t leave your family. Janki asks Manoj to come home. Manoj gets angry. Mini agrees.

Mauli notices Manisha with another person and assumes he may be causing trouble. Rahul arrives and observes the situation. Concerned, Mauli intervenes and stops Rahul from approaching them. Meanwhile, Karan professes his love for Manisha and desires to marry her. However, she turns away upon seeing Mauli and Rahul. As Manisha walks away, Rahul suggests that they assist Karan if his feelings for Manisha are genuine. However, Mauli cautions that it is essential to understand if Manisha reciprocates those feelings before getting involved. They stop Karan and inquire about his relationship with Manisha, offering their help. Introducing himself, Karan reveals that he has been in love with Manisha for the past five months, but she has rejected him. He suggests seeking her opinion before taking any further action.

Rahul says we should go and ask Manisha if they love each other. Mauli thinks I’ll find out. He says okay, I trust you. Manisha goes home. Mauli meets her. She asks about Karan and Manisha’s love. Manisha denies it. Mauli says you love him, many people have one-sided love, accept him, I’ll talk to everyone. Janki says I have a dress for you, so prepare for the cake cutting.

After getting ready, Manisha comes downstairs. She cuts the cake, and Janki asks Vaibhav to share it with everyone. Vaibhav does so, but not Ajanta. Swara asks him why you didn’t share the cake with Ajanta. He says she doesn’t deserve it. They argue. Tanvi arrives. Swara says he didn’t give Ajanta the cake. Tanvi says he did right. Rahul reached the hospital because of her. Janki gives Mauli a dress. She apologizes to Mauli. She says she has always supported my family’s cause.

Manoj enters the room. Janki expresses her belief in punishing those who make mistakes, and reminds that she, too, will face consequences for her own mistakes. However, Mauli defends herself and states that Janki’s intentions are good, as she has a pure heart and does not see anyone’s deceitful nature. Janki blesses her while Manoj smiles. As Rahul arrives, he admires the dress and asks to see the gift. He then suggests that Mauli try on the chunri. Meanwhile, Janki watches on with interest as Rahul compliments Mauli’s appearance. She turns to Manoj and requests that he find a suitable family for Mauli to marry. Manoj agrees, but Mauli interrupts to express her hesitation about getting married so soon.


Manisha cuts the cake. Karan comes home. Mauli says I’ve called him.

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