Anupama 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Toshu’s Mistake and Anupama’s Bail

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Toshu explains to the goons that his initial plan failed, and now he and his mother are in trouble. He reassures them, saying he needs more time to gather their money. The goons warn him that if he doesn’t have the money in 10 minutes, they will harm his wife and daughter. Enraged, Toshu grabs one of the goon’s collars and demands to know how they could even think of hurting his family. One goon starts beating him while the other joins in. Meanwhile, Anuj contacts Aadhya, who is at the hospital with Shruti. Aadhya sadly informs him that Shruti has lost all hope to live, and no medicine seems to be working. She begs Anuj to take the next flight and join her there.

Anuj encourages her to stay strong and promises to do what he can. As the goons are attacking Toshu, Vanraj arrives and intervenes. He demands to know how they could touch his son. The goon accuses Toshu of owing them money due to fraudulent activity. In response, Vanraj hands over his gold chain, ring, and cash, stating that he will pay off all their debts. The goon warns Toshu that they are sparing him today because of his father’s actions, but he won’t be so lucky next time. Curious about the connection between Anupama, the necklace, and Toshu, Vanraj questions his son.

Beeji contacts Yashdeep and requests to speak with Anu. She inquires about any information the police may have shared and becomes emotional. She asks for updates from the lawyer and for support to be given to Anupama. Beeji expresses her hope for justice against the culprit responsible for Anupama’s situation. She mentions that Anupama was brought in by the authorities and taken to the police station in handcuffs. Beeji also checks if Yashdeep has any suspicions towards anyone. In response, Yashdeep explains that he does not possess any evidence and, therefore, cannot consult with the lawyer or Mr. Kapadia yet. He assures Beeji that he will confirm before taking action and promises she will not have to spend the night in jail.

Anupama inquires Kanha ji about the reason for her punishment. She expresses her fear and requests him to intervene. Vanraj turns to Toshu and questions him about his actions. In defense, Toshu clarifies that he acted in Pari’s best interest. He explains that he was given a 30-minute deadline to pay the money and threatened with Pari being taken away. When he called the school principal to verify Pari’s whereabouts, she told him someone had taken her. In a panic, he assumed that Pari had been kidnapped and felt like he had no other choice.

Vanraj points out that Toshu trapped his mother, to which Toshu responds that it was not the son but the father who did it for his daughter. He clarifies that he didn’t do it for himself and considers it an honest mistake. He explains that he thought Mummy’s bag would not be checked. Vanraj blames him for their current predicament, stating that they could have found a solution if Toshu had told Anuj, Anupama, or himself. He emphasizes the fact that even after knowing the strict laws in this situation, Toshu still went through with it. He adds that Toshu has a habit of hurting his mother and causing her to suffer consequences for his mistakes, as evidenced by her being labeled as a fraud because of his actions.

Toshu voices concern over the possibility of Pari passing away today. Vanraj reminds Anupama not to focus solely on herself and to consider how her mother feels. Anupama remains hopeful that Kanha ji will protect her and mentions that she has the support of Anuj. She suggests reviewing CCTV footage for answers. Vanraj points out that Anupama may face consequences because of her actions. Toshu questions what Vanraj would have done in her position. Vanraj admits he would never deal with criminals or commit illegal activities, but he acknowledges his past mistake and its subsequent punishment.

As Anupama reads the newspaper, she panics and cries. A police officer arrives and tells Toshu that he should not have done this and that Anupama doesn’t deserve this. Vanraj tells Toshu that he shouldn’t have done that. He swears to Pari and says he won’t do anything in the future. Toshu asks him not to tell anyone and says Anuj is possessive about his mother and will get her free.

Anupama realizes it’s just her imagination and says, “Take me out.” The police officer makes her get up. She says she’ll call the doctor and has been granted bail. As she exits, she sees Beeji and Yashdeep standing and hugs them. She says it was hellish, and she won’t forget the favor. Vanraj and Toshu come home. Baa and Kinjal ask what happened. Vanraj tells them the robbers looted him. Kinjal says she’ll bring a first aid kit.

Beeji asks Anupama to drink tea. She said she never thought an empty room could be so dangerous. Then, Yashdeep asks Anupama to drink tea. She thanked them for bailing her out when her family refused to attend the PS. Yashdeep says you have earned this trust.


Anupama visits Toshu’s house and asks him if he let the theft happen while he had the master key.

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