Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th March 2024 Written Episode: Angad’s Struggle & Sahiba’s Search


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It is difficult for Angad to free himself, and he does not think that he will fall victim to Seerat’s plan, even though all the doors of Seerat’s house are locked. Sahiba and Garry check all the rooms and find all the doors locked. Seerat’s aide approaches them. Angad struggles to free himself as he searches for the washroom. The aide says it is on the other side and takes them away. Brars and the inspector receive tea from the Aide.

Sahiba asks her where her wife is. The aide replies that she has gone to her friend. Sahiba recalls a courier office employee telling him that the suspicious man carried a woman and had a Ludhiana address on his ID card. She asks where he is from. He says he is from Ludhiana, and his wife likes hill stations, so they also spend time here.

As Gurleen scolds Sahiba, claiming she sees herself as clever while others are foolish, she walks away. The Brars express gratitude to Seerat’s assistant and head towards the door. Suddenly, Angad shatters a window. The Brars hear the commotion, and the assistant becomes anxious. Seerat breaks a glass mug as she mentions that rats often create disturbance in this house. Nearby, Gurleen stands by the car, listening to Veer’s music. Unaware of her surroundings, Angad hurls medicine bottles and his shoe toward her, but she remains lost in the song, convinced that everyone admires Sahiba’s intellect and has come there for her. Jasleen approaches and asks if she enjoys Veer’s music; Gurleen responds affirmatively. As the Brars depart, Sahiba senses Angad’s presence nearby. From a window, Seerat’s assistant watches them leave and praises his actions. Suddenly, Angad collapses.

The next morning, Angad wakes up on his bed and confronts Seerat. She tells him to relax. Sahiba keeps looking for Angad. She receives a call from Ajith. Angad asks Seerat about what she’s doing. She gives him a file and asks him to check it. She sings Yeh Kahaan Agaye Hum.., a song which irks Angad even more. She shows him photos of men and asks him to choose one. Angad asks who these men are.

Sahiba describes the whole story to Ajith and says she doesn’t know where to find Angad. Seerat congratulates him and says she got her groom. Sahiba points to one picture and shouts Angad. According to Ajith, it is sometimes necessary to take a distance in order to see the truth.

Seerat asks Angad who will marry her, and she replies that this man will marry her and that Angad’s choice is good. Angad says she dreams of marrying him just by looking at his photo; has she gone insane? Angad says that even if he had selected her based on her picture, he thought that only the face would be this man’s and the whole body would be Angad’s.


Sahiba finds Angad’s shoes and shows them to the Brar ladies. Seerat tells Angad he is the groom and will be present at her wedding.

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