Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2023 Written Update


After a few days, Angad will make Monga family’s lives worse than hell; he has given Sahiba one more chance, and he won’t spare her; he dropped Sahiba off at Monga house to find out the truth and waited inside his car for Sahiba. Sahiba hears their conversation and tongue-lashes Angad for his hypocritical behaviour. Angad warns her to stop talking rubbish.

She tongue lashes him for acting good in front of her father but backbiting behind his back. He says she and her family are liars, but he also lies. It’s like a thief scolding a police officer, her family destroyed their lives and now she’s playing the victim card, her drama won’t work here, she should leave.

When Sahiba saw her, she told her that conspiracies and backbiting were Manveer’s and her son’s talents, not Monga’s. She had brought Angad’s clothes which he had left at her house. Angad feels anxious to see Manveer. Sahiba says he lies to even his family and is a pure hypocrite. Angad acted well with her and insisted on staying at Monga house with his vile plans.

Sahiba warns Angad to leave her. He pushes her into the bathroom. The shower turns on and they are both soaked. Sahiba asks if he will force her now. Angad says she is his wife and he has the right. He asks what kind of a man he is who uses relationships to his benefit and says no woman, including her husband, can be forced, as she is not frightened of him and won’t tolerate his nonsense. As she tongue laces him, she frees herself.

Gurleen calls Sahiba and explains that according to family custom, a couple serves gurdwara on Baisakhi festival day, so Japjoth asked Sahiba and Angad to do so. As Manveer walks to them, he asks Gurleen not to lie about Angad and Sahiba being a couple; they just stay together. Sahiba says she is ready to serve the Gurdwara. Angad enters and says he will not accompany Sahiba.

As Manveer feels happy, Angad sneezes. Sahiba taunts Manveer that her son had a cold bath at night. Manveer says her son isn’t senseless like her. Sahiba confronts Angad and says to serve Gurdwara with or without him. The next morning, Sahiba prepares the Baisakhi feast. Her servant Suri asks why she didn’t ask him to bring groceries from the market. Sahiba replies she enjoys preparing the Baisakhi feast and used to do so at her house.

Santosh asks Ajith to bring groceries from the market. Ajith says he is running late for work and Kulcha cannot handle the shop alone. After leaving home, Santosh realizes the value of Sahiba. Seerat says she will get groceries, but Santosh refuses. Sahiba prepares a feast. Suri says it smells good. Sahiba says she used to wake up early at her home and prepare meals. Manveer calls Suri to serve lunch. Suri says Sahiba made lunch today.

Inder accuses Sahiba of dreaming about becoming a rich family bahu after he humiliates her for entering the kitchen. Sahiba says Akaal/darji gave him permission to enter the kitchen, she apologizes if her presence disturbs her, she is here because Akaal respects her and she prepared a feast for him, etc.

Sahiba drags Angad to the living room and says she will show him who caused Seerat to elope. Angad asks what’s the point of this drama. Sahiba collapses.

She asks Angad to feed water to Sahiba. Angad does. Sahiba opens his eyes and points at Garry.

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