Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th March 2023 Written Update


The children call Sahiba. Sahiba hears them and asks Veer if someone is calling her. Veer says he thinks so. Angad asks Kartar if he saw a board outside that said trespassers are not allowed.

Sahiba walks down and gets happy seeing Keerat, but then controls her emotions when she sees Angad and Manveer. Hansraj and Manveer humiliate Kartar next. He says Sahiba ji. Hansraj asks what he said. Kartar says Sahiba ji and says they are all happy to see her again. Manveer and Angad warn Kartar and the children again to leave.

Sahiba stops Hansraj and says he should speak to her as they are her guests and he will kick them out. Following Hansraj’s misbehaviour, Kartar/Keerat gets angry and attempts to attack Hansraj. Veer stops him and says her truth will be exposed if she fights here and calms her down. Sahiba gives some water to the kids and sends them away. Hansraj asks them to get out. Akaal stops him and tongue lashes them all.

The children have considered god-sent guests and Japjot tongue lashings Manveer for her rude behaviour with kids. Manveer says they cannot let roadside kids in the house. Akaal asks Veer to take the children to Sahiba’s room. They are taken along by Veer. Keerat thanks Aakal. Sahiba invites everyone to her room to see how she turned the storeroom into a prayer room, as well as to hear the prayers she will teach to the children. Akaal says he will come to no matter what.

Japjot says Sahiba has God’s blessings on her and can turn even sand into art. Akaal says she turned the store room into a prayer room, and God gave him more than he wanted.

Prince asks Sahiba what Ek Omkar means. Aakal replies that it means God is One. Sahiba teaches him to draw Ek Omkar and writes his name in Gurumuki.

Aakal asks if she knows Gurumukhi and says that only he and Prabjot know it in their house. Veer asks Sahiba to teach him Gurumukhi. Prabjot with Gurleen walks in and asks Prince what he is doing here. Japjot asks Prabjot to cover her head with a veil.

When Angad calls his detective, the detective says he found Seerat’s approximate location and will give him her exact location soon.

Garry asks Seerat to wait for a few days before moving her to another hotel. Jasleen calls him and he rejects the call saying it was unanimous.

He reaches Seerat’s guest house. Garry walks behind him without noticing him. Angad tells Sahiba that he found the location of Seerat. He will return after getting Seerat and send Sahiba out of his house permanently.

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