Faltu 13th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Pratap gives Faltu a bat and a ball. He says he got the bat for free from a carpenter’s shop. Faltu thanks him and calls him the best brother. Charan tells them to have breakfast, they have to find work.

After eating the food, Charan says we should go now. Faltu asks Pratap to fix the cricket ball somewhere. Ayaan and Tanisha receive wishes from the guests. The man wants Ayaan to take part in the cricket tournament and give the prize to the winner.

Janardhan says Ayaan can’t go anywhere, I’ll send Sid, and Ayaan can’t spend time with anyone except Tanisha. The man says the kids call Ayaan a hero, and they’ll be happy.

Tanisha says she will go along with Ayaan, so Janardhan agrees. Faltu practices. She says it is hard to hit the ball without seeing it. She remembers Charan’s words. She fixes the ghungroo to the ball.

After hearing the sound, Faltu hits the ball. A boy sees her and thinks how she is playing cricket so well. He goes to Sunil and tells him we have a player in the neighborhood. Sunil asks who. The guy praises Faltu. Another guy says, but she is a girl.

Sunil says okay, fine, show me her room. They all come and see Faltu practice batting. The guy says it will be good, our team will be famous, and we won’t get disqualified.

Tanisha says sorry, I am allergic to cricket, so I told Janardhan for your sake, I am not interested in going, so we will go together, I will go shopping, you see the tournament.

He says he is allergic to cricket. Sunil asks Faltu about her game. She says her dad is not at home, come later. He says we have a vacancy for a cricket player. The guy says the winner will receive money as well.

Charan and Pratap ask who you are. Sunil tells them we play cricket, and we came to ask the girl to join our team. She says sorry, she cannot play.

She plays well, but she is ill. Sunil says we need a player today. Pratap asks Faltu to go inside so they can talk. Sunil says please don’t refuse. Faltu says fine, Pratap will play instead of me.

Faltu says Pratap also plays well so he can help you in other ways too. Sunil says fine, you join our team. She asks Pratap to go with them.

Faltu says she will listen to the commentary and learn from it. She also says she will go meet the house owner. They go to the match as Pratap asks Faltu to stand by him.

The chief guest arrives and everyone claps. Pratap sees him. Faltu hears about him. She asks what Ayaan is doing here, what should I do with Pratap?

As Pratap tries to run to Faltu, he says, “I have to go to the washroom.” The coach says, “Go later, meet Ayaan first.” Ayaan meets the players. Pratap steps back to hide. Sunil wins the toss.

Ayaan sees Pratap. He is shocked. He looks around. He gets seated. Faltu says I must leave. Pratap is worried. The match begins. Faltu says I shouldn’t stay.


Ayaan saves Faltu and asks her to tell her truth. He says he had applied sindoor in her eyes, right. He pulls her hand and saves her from a car, and asks can’t you see.

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