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He is kidnapped by Gunwanti, and Chanda witnesses the crime. Determined to help, Chanda follows Gunwanti to the secluded location where Mahendra holds Sarkar at gunpoint, and Sumeet desperately calls for Meet. In spite of her weakened state, Meet intervenes and protects Sarkar.

As soon as Chanda witnesses everything, he contacts Manmeet to let him know. Cheeku approaches Manmeet and asks if everything is alright. Manmeet assures him that Meet and Sumeet will be safe and sound. Meet’s feeble state is laughed at by Mahendra and Gunwanti, but she is able to grab a stone and make Mahendra drop his weapon.

She assures Sumeet not to be afraid of Sarkar, but Sarkar reveals his true colors and admits that he orchestrated everything, and Mahendra and Gunwanti followed his orders. Meet takes advantage of this opportunity and warns Mahendra not to approach Sarkar. As this truth would tear apart their father-son relationship, Meet pleads with Sarkar not to reveal it to Manmeet.

As Sarkar forcefully shoves Meet into a filthy puddle of water, Meet grapples with the situation, sinking deeper into the muck. Desperation fills her voice as she pleads with Sarkar to spare Sumeet. As the water level rises around her, Meet comes perilously close to drowning, but she summons incredible strength to break free and resurface. Gasping for breath, she repeats these words to Sumeet, assuring her to hold onto hope and pledging to shield her from harm. Meet inspires Sumeet to confront life’s challenges with determination and to always maintain faith in herself.

The moment Meet saves Sumeet, she loses consciousness, and Sarkar aims a gun at them, but Manmeet kicks Sarkar away, threatening to kill him for attempting to harm Meet and Sumeet. Although Manmeet suggests that they leave the area, Sarkar secretly retrieves the gun and fires a shot at her, but Manmeet jumps in front of her and knocks her out.

With malice still in his heart, Sarkar once again aims his gun at Meet. But just as he is about to pull the trigger, Cheeku intervenes by tossing a rock at him, causing Sarkar to stumble and fall. In those final moments, both Sarkar and Manmeet breathe their last breaths. Meet pleads with Cheeku not to confess to hitting Sarkar, willing to take the blame and face imprisonment on his behalf. She begs Cheeku to look after Sumeet and assures them both of her unwavering love. Instructing Cheeku to bring Sumeet to the Ahlawat house and keep her from discovering Meet’s imprisonment, she encourages them to grow up together with love and support, promising her eternal affection.


As Sumeet ages and gets married, she attempts to do household chores at her in-laws’ house. However, her mother-in-law criticizes her for not being able to do the tasks correctly. Sumeet says, “Don’t worry, I’ll learn everything.”.

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