Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

As the episode begins, Inspector Kohli informs Prachi that the complainant is Ranbir Kohli. Prachi wonders why Ranbir complained. He arrested my boss so that I would be fired. When Prachi observes Ranbir in the senior officer’s cabin, she wonders if he is trying to divert her. She recalls Laali’s words, and wonders if he is doing this to divert me.

Prachi asks why you got the innocent man arrested. Ranbir asks if you are involved with gold smuggling and says that’s why you got the big car. Prachi calls Inspector to complain about her. Ranbir says you’re Prachi, my wife. He says you’ve got me arrested. He says you are smugglers. Prachi asks him who he is.

As Prachi reminds him, she used to work in his Papa’s company and got him many deals. He says his heart is cracking seeing her smuggling. He tells her that the boys were begging him to give them the bag. In his story, he says he took the bag from him and gave it to them. He says when the police arrived, they took the bag. He says he is a responsible citizen and thanks god he got him arrested.

During the interview, Prachi reveals that she knows the guy and that he is her boss’s son. She says they were smugglers and put gold in his bag, and wanted it later. Prachi asks him if he took revenge on her. He says yes, as you helped me. Prachi asks him to take back the case. The senior officer appears and tells him he must file the case.

He goes out. Prachi goes out behind him. Ranbir tells him he was not aware of the truth until now. He goes out. The Inspector asks Constable to leave. Akshay Tandon asks Prachi what she told him. Prachi answers that she told him the truth.

Akshay apologizes to Ranbir for misunderstanding him. Ranbir apologizes to him. Akshay says he doesn’t take people’s favors and asks him to call him if he needs any help. He thanks, Inspector. Inspector asks him to thank Prachi. Ranbir’s car is not working. Akshay offers to drop him. Ranbir says he will drive. They come out of the PS.

He says you want to become the owner. Ranbir says I want to cover the journey myself. Akshay asks Prachi for the keys. Prachi gives them to Ranbir. They drive off. Akshay asks Prachi to give Ranbir the address of her house. Prachi says we have reached my home and asks Ranbir how he knows.

Ranbir says you told me. They argue. Akshay apologizes on his behalf. Ranbir and Prachi argue. Akshay says you are not that kind of guy. Prachi thanks Ranbir and gets out of the car. Her pallu gets stuck. Akshay gets out and frees it. Ranbir notices and offers to help. After Akshay frees her pallu, Ranbir covers it on her and says now it won’t get stuck. Prachi rings the doorbell. Akshay watches her. Ranbir asks him to come.

Shahana opens the door and hugs Prachi. Prachi tells them she doesn’t have a car or the keys, and that Ranbir has taken them. She tells Ashok, sir, that Akshay had come from London today and two goons had stopped his car. She says Ranbir went there and thought Akshay was a smuggler.

When we came out, Ranbir’s car was not working, so Akshay offered to drop him off. Shahana asks what you did. Dadi asks if you made him understand. Prachi says she made him understand somehow.

Dadi says the story is complicated. She asks her to warm Prachi’s food. Prachi says Ranbir drove me home. She says Akshay will drop Ranbir home, and I’ll pick up my car tomorrow. As Ranbir returns home, Akshay refuses to come for tea and says some other time. Akshay sits in his car while Aryan arrives and says I got your car fixed.


Pallavi says that you want Khushi to fill the void in your life. Khushi tells Ranbir that she felt something and prayed to the broken star to unite him.

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