Barsatein 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh’s Intrusion Leaves Jai’s Family Struggling!


Barsatein 21st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Jai and Aradhana having a conversation. He expresses his worry about the current situation – the advertisers are mocking them, there’s a hefty $11 million penalty to deal with, and the family’s financial stability is at risk. She urges him to take a seat and advises him to stay strong, as there is still hope. Jai voices his lack of trust in her and blames himself for not understanding her better, as Reyansh had predicted. However, Aradhana reassures him that he has always had faith in her and that Reyansh caused all this trouble. She encourages Jai not to let anyone bring him down and focus on winning the contract tomorrow. A smile spreads across Jai’s face while Reyansh watches on with envy.

Reyansh consults with the therapist and expresses concerns about Aradhana feeling upset due to her family’s lack of trust in her. He believes she will eventually realize her mistake in marrying him. The therapist questions his behavior of getting angry over his wife, but Reyansh reassures that he will handle the situation and reminds himself that she belongs to him. As he takes a sip, he shares that suppressing pain is not an option, and he drinks to give himself the courage to be honest. The following day, Aradhana reminds him of the need to prove their company’s independence to advertisers and shows her faith in him. He acknowledged her support, and Jai updated the board.

Reyansh enters and plays a song on the speakers. He then proceeds to bid for the contract. Akash interjects, advising that Reyansh does not need the contract. Reyansh says it’s a personal matter directed towards his uncle. His attention then turns towards Aradhana as he notices her presence. Jai threatens him with potential consequences, but Reyansh confidently states that they are already facing ruin, and he has considered purchasing their company shares. He further declares that Aradhana is always on his mind, as seen in his conversation with a therapist. She warns him that her stubbornness will lead to Jai’s downfall, but he argues that he cannot lose her as she will never lose him. The flashback concludes here.

Upon returning home, Jai and his family are taken aback to find their house sealed. Nita informs them that the bank has taken action. Akash reassures everyone that they still have time, but Nita disagrees, stating that time is not on their side. Jai tells his father not to worry and asks Varun to contact their lawyer to ease the tension. However, Akash suddenly faints, causing panic among the family as they rush him to the hospital. Nita immediately points fingers at Aradhana for their current predicament. The doctor reveals that Akash has suffered a stroke and requires immediate surgery costing 15 lakhs upfront with an additional 7 lakhs later on. Overwhelmed with worry, Nita turns to Jai, asking how they will gather such much money. With determination, Jai assures her that he will take care of it. Aradhana offers to speak to her parents for help, but Jai declines, while Nita sneers at her, even suggesting it.

She asks Jai to talk to the bank. Aradhana says yes, I’m sure they’ll respect your family. Jai goes. Nita cries. Varun and Nita become angry with Aradhana and Reyansh. Jai throws the bank cards. He shouts at the bank manager. Aradhana calls him. He says doctors cannot operate on Akash. Jai says all my accounts have frozen. She says calm down, come here, and I’ll talk to Dad.

Varun apologizes for not being aware of your preferences, as this coffee was meant for Nita and me. However, Aradhana reprimands him. Nita points out that Akash is ill, and they should not be arguing. The doctor arrives and informs them about the surgery preparations, asking them to pray. Nita expresses her confidence in Jai arranging the necessary funds. Just then, Jai enters. Aradhana is convinced that he must have convinced the bank and thanks him for starting the treatment with the deposited money. However, Jai denies having done anything, and she inquires about who did it. To everyone’s surprise, Reyansh shows up with a bouquet in hand, revealing that he is the one who provided the funds. But when Jai refuses his help and argues with him, Reyansh stands his ground.

Aradhana scolds Reyansh. Jai holds his hand. She says, “We stand with each other; who is with you?” She says, “Go from here; only family is allowed here.” Reyansh cries and leaves. Jai and his family leave. Nita says we will go to the hotel. Jai says Aradhana, thanks, but I don’t want to bother your uncle and aunty. Aradhana claims they are also your parents. Jai says it’s okay. Varun believes Reyansh used me, and we didn’t plan this way.

It’s just the beginning for Reyansh, he thinks. Vikram scolds him. Reyansh says Jai took my love away. Vikram says she chose Jai, she has moved on, you know the meaning of love, and you are hurting her by doing so. Jai will remain as Ghar Jamai now. I’ll trap them. It’s my locality, Aransh society. Vikram says you cannot change. He leaves.


Aradhana says I hate you, Reyansh. Reyansh says Jai is a liar. Vikram is with Jai. Aradhana asks Jai if he is okay.

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