Drama Unfolds in Anupama’s Life: Fire Alarm, Family Interactions, and Unexpected Encounters | 28th December 2023 Episode Update

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As the fire alarm blares, Vikram rushes to where Anupama is and triggers it. He informs her about the diya and activates the alarm. Going further, he explains how the smoke alarms work by ringing when they detect any smoke. Anupama reveals her initial plan of keeping the diya lit, which prompts Vikram to warn her about Yashpal ji’s potential anger and urges her to perform the puja outside instead. She then requests him to bring a Tulsi pot for the puja, which he clarifies is also known as Holy Basil, and assures he will find one. Reminding her of their responsibilities, he cautions that Yashpal ji would disapprove of idle talk or distractions.

Anupama performs the puja, placing the diya outside before going inside. Meanwhile, Shruti arrives with Aadhya and asks if they can have chole batura. Shruti then heads inside to collect her luggage. As Anuj offers prayers to God and Goddess, he reflects on Aadhya’s troubled past and how she has had to endure her parents’ separation and her mother’s leaving her. He prays for her happiness, hoping that it will remove any negative energy surrounding her. Thinking back on his memories with Anupama, he questions why the betrayal still haunts him despite leaving it behind.

Anupama and Shruti exchange their bags and apologize for opening each other’s bags. Anupama asks how she knew she was Joshi Ben. Shruti says she saw her name and knew she was Gujrati, so she called her Joshi Ben. Anupama asks what she would like, and she says she has to go because her daughter has a competition today.

Looking at Aadhya standing outside, Anupama muses that her Choti must be all grown up now. She offers her some sugar cubes and encourages her to eat them. Despite not believing in such things, Shruti still wants to follow her due to her Aura and expresses her gratitude. Anupama wishes Shruti’s daughter good luck in her competition. As they leave the restaurant, Shruti informs Aadhya that she met Joshi Ben from India, a magical lady, and promises to introduce them next time. However, Aadhya shows no interest in meeting new people and questions how relationships are formed. Shruti playfully remarks that Aadhya is naughty, as always.

Seeing her children’s photo, Anupama says she only has this photo with her, and thanks to Kanha Ji for helping her. She prays for Aadhya’s victory. Dimpy thinks about Titu and dance and how Vanraj stopped her from pursuing dance. Someone gives her a dance event pamphlet, so she throws it. She finds someone following her and is about to hit him when she sees Titu. She sees Titu and asks him to go so that someone else won’t see them. Titu asks her to hear what he says.

Anupama performs the puja and ignites the stove before preparing masala tea for Vikram. He enjoys the tea and affectionately calls her “A.” She expresses her gratitude for his nickname. Curious about her family, Vikram inquires about them. Anupama shares that they have all ventured onto their paths long ago, making it easier for her to move here. Otherwise, it would have been a challenging decision to leave her home. Vikram expresses joy, knowing his children are content with their mother. Anupama seeks advice on obtaining a new passport, to which he responds that she must apply for one.

Dimpy asks Titu to leave and informs him that Papa is currently at home. As Vanraj exits the house and chats on the phone, Titu interrupts Dimpy’s statement and reminds her of their promise to remain friends. He expresses his disappointment that she never called or answered his calls. However, Dimpy clarifies that she no longer wishes to maintain any relationship with him and asks if he fails to comprehend her decision. Titu points out that he has been trying to reach out to her for the past 5 years through calls and messages, but Dimpy sternly tells him to stop and insists he leaves. He assures her he will no longer contact her and poses a final question – whether she never thought of him or missed him in all those years. Speechless, Dimpy walks away without responding.

As Titu says, I got my answer. She sees Vanraj standing and looks back, and finds Titu gone. She relaxes. Yash Pal comes to the restaurant and thinks everything is old, but something looks new. He inspects the place with all the chefs and Anupama. Vikram says his nose is fast. Yashpal calls everyone and asks who has made masala tea. Anupama becomes tense.


Shruti and Anuj walk into the restaurant while Anupama leaves. Aadhya watches Anupama as she looks on. Anuj tastes the tea.

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