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Anupama performs the morning pooja and then puts a garland on Kanta and Bhavesh and thanks them., She tells them that as kids we hold our mothers hand and learn to walk. And as we grow we move ahead with courage. She had lost both hope and courage and she is thankful to the two of them for giving her courage and hope.  Her family was shattered and she was broken and she thanks them for not letting her fall apart. Bhavesh inspite of being a younger brother looked after her like an elder brother and she is grateful.

When Kanta asks her if is is okay she replies saying she is not okay but she will be fine soon as she has both of them to help her. Anupama goes to make the prasad.  Bhavesh says he has not eaten well since last two days. Anupama tells them she has one more work to do today.  She must meet someone.

Vanraj enters his room with a smile on his face and gets ready and goes out.

As Anupama gets ready she remembers some moments spent with Anuj.  The song Tu Meri Zindagi hain…. plays in the background.

At the Kapadia house Barka replaces all the unhealthy food with healthy stuff that she likes.  She also asks for all the furniture to be changed. While having her coffee she looks around and says to herself that all this is hers now and she will not let anything slip from her hands. She is the owner of the house now.

Vanraj takes a printout and calls out to the entire family.

Anupama says when people leave they forget their belongings behind but Anuj has left himself behind. In her heart, in her memories, in every breath she takes. She says he does not even know how to get separated properly. Anuj is having is coffee and keeps getting hiccups.  He calls out to Anupama. Kitni raatein yaad aati hain… plays in the background. Anupama has tears in her eyes when she looks at Anuj and Little Anu’s photo in her mobile. She says no matter how far we go away from each other but her love for Anuj will never fade away. Her worry for him will never lessen. She only wants his happiness and nothing else. She prays that he is always happy. If his happiness is in being away from her then she does not mind. She expresses her love for Little Anu and wishes that Little Anu looks after her Dad.

Anuj is restless and closes the window and paces around in his room.  Elsewhere Anupama opens the window to a bright sunny day and looks with hope in her eyes.

The entire Shah family come running to Vanraj.  He proudly sits with a print out in his hand.  Vanraj says for two years he sat at home and did not get any job offers in spite of applying in many companies.  Everyone considered him as useless including his family.  Finally he has got a very nice job.  Vanraj is happy that finally he will work again.  He will now earn a lot of money and support his family.  Vanraj informs everyone that a Delhi based company has offered him a job as National Head of Sales and Marketing and they are giving him a joining bonus of Rs 5 lakhs. He is about to tell them about his annual package but Leela stops him saying not to tell anyone else everything will get jinxed. Kavya says he deserves all that he is getting. Everyone is happy and clap for him and congratulate him. He says he waited for this day since a long time and now he can finally say that VANRAJ SHAH IS BACK.

Anuj tries to call Anupama and thinks that his hiccups wont stop until he speaks to Anupama.  Just then Maaya walks in. She says she is sorry she just walked in and startled him but its good because his hiccups have stopped now. Maaya says the door was open so she just walked in.  Anuj asks her how the door was open.  Anuj asks for Little Anu.  He asks if she will come to meet him directly from the beach,  Maaya says today she has come alone. Anuj is disappointed.

Anupama gets ready to go somewhere. Kanta asks her if it is necessary to go today itself.  Anupama says when she would anyway have to go tomorrow then why waste the day today. Bhavesh offers to drop her.  Anupama stops him says he and Kanta are her strength. They should not become her crutches. She goes out with confidence.

Anuj is upset when he learns that Maaya has sent Little Anu on a school picnic.  Little Anu did not inform him and she had wanted to meet him also. Anuj says he has come here only to meet Little Anu and spend time with her. Maaya says Little Anu was very eager to go on the school trip.  She wanted to cancel it for Anuj but Maaya insisted that she should go because Anuj will anyways be here only.  Maaya says she also did not want to see him in this state. The house is also in a total mess.  Maaya starts to clean the house but Anuj stops her. Maaya gives Anuj a bag with a new set of clothes and a grooming kit. Anuj says he does not need it. Maaya says that if Little Anu sees him in this condition she will definitely know that he has had a fight with Anupama. She will then has a thousand questions and he will not have answers to any of them. Anuj remembers Little Anu asking him once if he had a fight with Anupama because otherwise both would have come to meet her together. Anuj tells Maaya he will handle all the questions and requests her to leave from his house. Maaya says he does not have to worry when she is around.  She asks him to freshen up and they they will go out to divert his mind and feel fresh.  Maaya tells Anuj that just like he is here for Little Anu similarly Anupama is there for her children.  When Anuj asks her to stop and not say anything more she says that just as Anupama’s children need both their parents so also Little Anu needs both a father and a mother. She says he will not understand it now but eventually he definitely will.

Anupama gets a little nervous when she hears the neighbors back biting as she is walking out.


Anupama calls Maaya and asks to speak to Little Anu.  Maaya lies to her that she is not at home just now.  When Anuj enquires about Anuj Maaya disconnects the call. Maaya lies to Anuj when he asks her who had called.  She tells him that it was her friend calling. 

Anupama is in the Dance Academy. Toshu, Samar, Kinjal and Paakhi dance around her and try to cheer her up. Vanraj records everything in his mobile with an even smile on his face.

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