Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

As the episode begins, Ranbir tells Sandy he made a mistake in his ego and made the person he used to love to go away from him. He says that now he misses her so much, and only her feelings are with me.

Sandra asks what her name is. Ranbir says, Prachi. Prachi cries thinking about how Ranbir saved her. Shahana calls Prachi and tells her Dadi and I heard the news and asks if she is alright.

Shahana asks Prachi if Ranbir is fine. Prachi replies that when he was near me I didn’t get angry, but wanted to hug him and cry. She says I wanted to tell him how I spent these 6 years without you.

He is a pain and medicine for me. She says I thought to fight with him so much, why he broke my heart, why he didn’t trust me, and I thought to fight with him.

She says thank God he didn’t see her. Shahana asks her to take care of herself, and where is Ranbir? Prachi says he is alone, I need to go to him. Shahana prays for Prachi and Ranbir.

He says she is Prachi, my daughter, whatever I did was in my anger and pain, but if I could go back in time, I would have hugged her and wouldn’t let her go. He says once a person goes, he doesn’t return. He says that is why I tell everyone to love their loved ones, and he asks him to love his wife so deeply. A terrorist is approaching and he asks Sandy to run.

Sandy knocks on Singhania’s room and asks Purvi to open the door. Ranbir asks Sandy not to leave her alone, to stay with her. The terrorist attacks him and makes him faint. Sandy knocks on Singhania’s room and asks Purvi to open it.

We are in the presidential suite, Purvi says. Singhania asks his guard to open the door. The guard opens it, and Sandy enters. Sandy tells Purvi that Ranbir saved him. He apologizes for fighting with her and tells her he is here for her love.

In his words, Ranbir saw your love and saved me. Singhania says Ranbir. Prachi wonders where to look for Ranbir. She knocks on the door and Kaya opens it. Prachi asks why you’re crying? She tells her he was here, and that he saved me. She says I thought bad, but he’s really good. Kaya asks what are you saying.

Kaya says you’ve gone mad, terrorists are here. She says we have to help these people, our lives and theirs are at risk. Prachi says you’re right.

The boss asks where Singhania’s son-in-law is. He sees his terrorists bringing Ranbir to the hall. He says everyone will know who is involved in this terrorist attack, and they will know we are Qaida Jamaat.

The terrorist who collided with Ranbir tells that he is unlucky. Another terrorist tells us that he is our lottery to safety. A third terrorist tells that they are Qaida fighters.

The Commissioner talks to someone about the terrorist attack. He finds the phone ringing in his car and asks the driver if it’s his phone. The driver says no. The commissioner finds the phone and picks it up. He is told by the boss that he is responsible for the terror attack on the Golden Majesty Hotel, and that many people will die in explosions soon on rail tracks and trains.

It’s time to stop all this terrorism. The boss says he’ll get blasts done everywhere. The commissioner asks him to stop it, but he refuses and asks him to remember their group name, Qaida.

In response, Pallavi refuses to go home and says she will go inside and kill the terrorists and bring her son safely. She asks Vikram to do something and says she will die without her son. She also asks Aryan to do something.

Something is happening, Aryan says. They hear reporters tell them about a blast that happened on a train and railway track. Another reporter says there have been blasts on a lot of railway tracks, this is a planned attack. Inspector calls Commissioner and informs him that Qaida is behind this attack and blasts.

A lady thanks Prachi and says all your wishes will be fulfilled, and you will get for whom you are crying. Prachi takes the people out safely.

Kaya refuses and says Mr Manager is inside. Prachi asks what you are saying. Kaya says he is competent to get himself killed, as terrorists will get angry hearing his nonsense.

She says he goes to problems happily. Prachi asks why you’re talking so much about him. Kaya says I don’t like him. Prachi receives a message. Kaya says the police won’t enter. Prachi confirms it’s a terrorist attack. Kaya worries about Manager, while Prachi worries about Ranbir. The boss says

The Boss asks others to make this news reach everyone in the hotel, that this is a terrorist attack, not an ordinary one. In his opinion, technology and science are so advanced that everyone knows what is happening at any given place, and our news might have reached them until now.

In 3 minutes, he asks his terrorist to jam all mobile networks, so that people get scared and try to reach their families, but they can’t reach them. Prachi says it’s a terror attack. Kaya says it’s time to call someone I don’t want to call.

Kaya calls, but there is no network. She throws her phone on the floor. Prachi picks it up and asks if she is okay. Kaya tries to call, but Prachi tells her that everyone’s phone has no network.

He informs us that everyone’s network will be gone by now, and that you might have known by now, who you are. Ranbir is unconscious and tied. He says your man is in your captivity, and we know how dear he is to you.

A terrorist gives everyone five minutes to gather in the hall. He says if they don’t gather, I will pierce so many bullets into his body, and his name is Ranbir Kohli. Prachi is shocked.

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