Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th March 2023 Written Episode Update


Angad informs his parents he has decided to marry Sahiba. Inder says he looks as though he won’t change his decision; he can’t see his son’s destruction and will move on. As he congratulates Daarji on destroying his son’s life with his wrong decision and destroying his grandson today, he says that he will never change his decision.

When Manveer tells Angad to forget what happened, go home, and think calmly about the matter, Angad says he’s already decided to marry Sahiba. Bebe asks Darji what his intention is. Angad says that we’ve already wasted a lot of time, so let’s not waste more. Ajith starts the wedding rituals after he picks up his stole.

Her father says all the problems here are caused by her, so Sahiba refuses to marry him. Angad says she can’t make any further mistakes to correct one mistake. Sukhi Taiji takes her aside. Sahiba says she wants to focus on her career and grow up. As nobody will marry her after today’s incident, Sukhi says she should also think of Keerat.

Sahiba gets adamant. Ajith requests that she marry for their family’s sake. Sahiba says she will die in suffocation if she marries Angad and asks what about the art he taught her. Ajith says she is a born artist and her art will keep her alive. Daarji asks Ajith whether he feels his daughter is ready for marriage. Ajith says yes. Daarji asks Sahiba whether she is ready. She says yes. Daarji blesses her and informs her family of her readiness to marry.

Angad and Sahiba perform pheras and complete their wedding. Daarji warns that nobody will speak now and that everyone will attend Angad and Sahiba’s laavan. The title track of the serial plays as Angad imagines marrying Seerat. The priest congratulates everyone on the wedding. Sahiba’s farewell begins.

Sahiba hugs Keerat emotionally and asks to take care of herself. Ajith then gives her moral gyaan and performs her farewell. Sukhi asks Angad to help. Angad angrily stands aside.

In the precap, Angad asks Sahiba if she thinks she won the game after marrying him. Sahiba warns him not to try to control her since she has just married him and is not a slave.

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