Anupama 15th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Before she leaves for Shah house, Anuj expresses his love for Choti Anu. Ankush tells him not to worry about Choti Anu because Kavya will look after her. Barkha tells Adhik that she feels bad for Choti Anu. According to Adhik, she is moving to Shah house, which is good for her. Barkha says it’s good for Choti Anu, but bad for them, since Anuj has been busy behind Maaya and Choti Anu, and will get back to work and find out what happened.

That’s really bad for them, Adhik says. Paakhi hears their conversation and tongue laces them for their inhumane behavior. She threatens to tell Anuj the truth about them. He twists her hand and says Anuj is already in distress and will break down if she reveals this news; he will manipulate the issue to get out of it. Paakhi explains their evil tactics will not work for long, and they will be punished for their sins.

They play on the terrace with Choti Anu. Toshu takes them to play. Leela and Dimpy immediately say they shouldn’t have brought Choti Anu here. Vanraj and Hasmukh wonder why, because they thought Choti Anu would feel good with Pari here. Anuj will not spare them if something happens to Choti Anu here; if a child falls down in her own house, it’s her mistake, and if she falls in her neighbor’s house, it’s the neighbor’s fault. Leela says they should try to get Choti Anu back to Anu as soon as possible.

When Dimpy asks Kavya how long Choti Anu will stay with them, she says maybe forever. As Adhik and Barkha discuss how to stop Anuj from rejoining office, Paakhi asks the servant to bring Anuj’s official files. Barkha says he triggered Paakhi and got it on their heads. Adhik frowns.

When Kinjal joins Kavya, she says she can’t be Anupama but she can be a motherly figure for Choti Anu. Vanraj says Paakhi sent Choti Anu’s clothes and books, and he asks where she is. Kavya says she is with Pari. Leela says she isn’t there. Toshu returns and informs them that Choti Anu is not at home. Leela says she has already warned them. Vanraj and Toshu rush out in search of her.

A call from Anuj to Choti Anu makes him realize she is at Shah house. He gets a message that Choti Anu is missing. Vanraj and Toshu return home and say they were unable to locate Choti Anu anywhere. Anuj and family walk in. Kavya is tongue lashed by Barkha for being irresponsible. Kavya says Choti Anu was with Pari on the terrace and she does not know when Choti Anu left. In order to trigger Anuj, Barkha continues to yell at Kavya.

Anuj receives news that his daughter has been spotted in Mumbai and is taken aback to discover that Choti Anu has returned to the orphanage. He remarks that the story has come full circle. In a hurry, both he and Vanraj make their way to Mumbai. The Shah family prays for Choti Anu’s safe return. Upon arriving at the orphanage, Anuj and Vanraj are shocked to find Anupama with Choti Anu, singing her a lullaby. Vanraj captures the moment on video and sends it to the rest of the Shahs. They inquire about how she ended up there since she was supposed to leave for Mumbai. Anuj confirms that she is okay and recalls checking her onto a flight to the USA earlier. However, as Anupama starts feeling unwell and falls into Anuj’s arms, she asks him weakly to take her home.


Anupama returns home reciting a poem about sacrificing her dreams for her family, and her Choti Anu is happy that her Yashoda maiya is back. Angry Guru Maa asks Nakul to find out where Anupama is and says that now she will speak directly to her.

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