Anupama 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Anuj wakes up, he dreams of Anupama waking him up and wishing him a good morning. As Maaya knocks on his door, he greets him well and says he must feel comfortable as he returns to his house. In his video chat with Dimpy, Samar and Dimpy get into cute nok jhok, as if he had entered his house and soon would enter his heart. Dimpy and Samar get into the usual almost-married couple cute nok jhok.

Dimpy enquires about the sangeet and Samar keeps it a secret. Instead, she reminds him it’s no longer 2003 and happily recalls when Anuj and Maaya performed a pooja for her. However, Samar notes how Anuj and Little Anu acted strangely, but Dimpy pushes him to forget about it and discloses their honeymoon plans. He jokes with her that based on their financial situation they may only be able to get a room in the Shah house, but still promises it will be great.

Dimpy says his room is too small for two people, so he should ask his father to switch rooms with him since his father is living alone. Samar insists that everyone deserves privacy, so he will work hard and give Dimpy the best. Dimpy suggests building a new room instead and since he avoided asking about a honeymoon, she should seek help from Anuj to finance their trip. Samar objects to this; he does not wish to accept any more favours from Anuj and is relieved that Vanraj repaid Anuj’s loan or else he would have had to foot the bill himself. He advises Dimpy to reconsider her decision to get married as it entails many compromises.

Anupama and Nakul have a beautiful dance face-off. Gurumaa watches their dance and says Anupama has refined her dance in a month of practice and even left Nakul behind. Anupama feels happy. She agrees to return in the evening to try her costumes. Gurumaa remembers her family eagerly awaiting her performance during Samar’s sangeet ceremony.

Gurumaa senses she wants to say something. Anupama asks her to attend Samar’s wedding as her blessings are very auspicious to her. Gurumaa leaves without saying anything. Nakul becomes jealous after hearing Gurumaa praise Anupama and walks away. In order for Gurumaa to attend Samar’s wedding, Anupama tells Bhairavi they should return home as soon as possible.

To buy gifts for Dimpy’s wedding, Anuj visits a market. Anupama also reaches the same market. There is a song playing in the background, Ye Laal Ishq.. They come across each other. A bell rings. Anuj says this is a sign that she will soon visit America. Anupama says she will surely visit America this time. An uphill balloon seller passes by and balloons fall on them, making them laugh. The balloon seller complains. Vanraj becomes anxious when Anupama doesn’t return home with Bhairavi.

Maaya is worried when Anuj does not come back. She wonders if he is visiting the Shah house to see Anupama and voices her concern. Anupama inquires why he wanted to speak yesterday, and this reminds Anuj of Maaya’s distress. He suggests they can go together if Anupama is going to the same place, but she refuses his offer. Nonetheless, Anuj insists and brings out his bike so that she can join him on the ride. As Koi Faryaad Mere Dil Me Basi Hai Jaise… plays in the background, an inspired Anuj recites a poem in his mind.


When Anuj left Mumbai to meet Anupama, he apologized to her and embraced her.


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