Suhaagan 11th June 2023 Written Update


Suhaagan Written Episode Update on for 11th June 2023.

At the start of the episode, Bindiya becomes suspicious after finding a spoon in her dal. She is unable to locate anyone when she looks outside, and Payal assures her that they are alone. Bindiya questions whether someone has tampered with the food, to which Dadi responds that the door is locked for their safety. When asked if she will be eating as well, Dadi explains that she is observing a Tuesday fast and encourages them to eat. Meanwhile, Bhim secretly takes pride in his actions of lacing their food with sleeping pills, ensuring they will remain asleep for 16 hours. As Bindiya and Payal begin to feel drowsy and decide to rest, unaware of Bhim’s plan.

Dadi approaches them and reminds Bindya that it’s already 10:30 pm. She contemplates allowing her to rest. The next morning, she urges Bindya to wake up as it’s the final day of their challenge. However, she grows concerned when both Bindya and Payal remain asleep and she checks for signs of breathing. It dawns on her that Bindya’s suspicions were correct and someone had spiked their food with sedatives. Meanwhile, Madan, Rekha, and the others are driving to check on Bindya in their car. Rekha suggests they could be sleeping, but Phoolmati chimes in claiming Bhim had secretly added medicine to their meals without directly feeding them. Soon enough, Amma desperately calls for help through the window as she struggles to open the locked door.

When Rekha asked for a ride on the guy’s cycle, he happily obliged and Rekha signed to Madan. Phoolmati scared Amma, prompting Madan and Bhim to come to her aid. Wanting to keep their conversation private, they left a small bhajan recorder by Amma before leaving. Later on, Amma returned to Bindiya and Payal, worried that the strong odour would wake them up. Trying to find a bottle on the rack, one ended up falling onto her lap. Quickly seizing the opportunity, Amma made Bindiya smell it in hopes of waking her up at 12 pm in the afternoon. As Bindiya woke up shocked and suspicious of their actions, she ran to wash her face and recalled their challenge. Meanwhile, Phoolmati and Bhim noticed an open door and questioned where Bindiya could have gone. They then decided to call Madan for help.

In the late afternoon, Bindiya is laboring on someone else’s land for a small sum of 150 rupees. Her efforts are soon interrupted by the arrival of Madan and Rekha. Madan asks Bindiya what she hopes to prove by persisting in her work without rest or surrender. He urges her to give up the fight. However, Bindiya remains resolute, declaring that she won’t back down even if it means risking her earnings. She relishes the sight of Madan and Rekha’s fear and disapproval. As tensions rise, Rekha attempts to confront Bindiya with a nail from a nearby tree. Before any harm can be done, Sarpanch ji appears on the scene and demands an explanation for the commotion. In a sudden turn of events, Rekha accidentally injures herself with the nail and Sarpanch ji turns to Bindiya for an explanation. Madan hastily interjects that nothing of significance has occurred.

The Sarpanch claims to have personally witnessed Rekha’s harassment of Bindiya. However, when confronted, Rekha defends her actions as being part of her personality. Meanwhile, Madan falsely states that he did not see Bindiya working as a mason and only approached her to offer guidance. Sarpanch then asks Bindiya to confirm the truth, to which Madan questions whether she trusts him. Bindiya merely responds with a “yes” before Madan continues defending her hard work and reminding them that no job should be considered insignificant. Bindiya agrees, mentioning that her father always emphasized the importance of putting in effort until it is audible. After Sarpanch leaves, Madan questions why Bindiya did not speak up earlier, to which she replies that it was due to her father’s teachings.

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