Suhaagan 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Dilemma Between Bindiya and Payal

Suhaagan 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Krishna confidently states that Payal will not be departing from this location. However, Nidhi quickly disapproves, urging him to cease his foolishness. Undeterred, Krishna persists in saying that due to the concerns others have with him, he and Payal should vacate the house. He takes Payal’s hand and begins walking towards the door, but Bindiya blocks his path. Krishna challenges her, daring her to try and stop him. Bindiya responds by clarifying that she is not trying to stop him but instead plans to accompany them as per the magistrate’s orders so they can stay together for the next six months.

Payal supports Krishna’s plea when Indu intervenes, advising Krishna against taking rash actions. Bindiya then appeals to Indu about Payal’s presence. In response, Payal resorts to melodrama and says, “Don’t leave me. I’ll die without you,” prompting Krishna to promise he’ll find a solution the next day.

Nidhi begins to feel ill, leading Bindiya to check on her. Nidhi responds with embarrassment and requests that Bindiya leave. Later, Baldev reaches out to Bindiya and surprises her with a present that is a token of appreciation for her perseverance. He praises her, and upon unwrapping the gift, Bindiya finds a new mobile phone. She mentions already having one and declines the offer, but Baldev insists she keeps it, highlighting its ability to help her stay in touch with her grandmother through video calls. As a result, Bindiya clears the bed set up for Payal and Krishna.

As Krishna emerges from the washroom, Bindiya envisions a romantic dance with him filled with joy and affection. They share intimate moments in her mind before he takes his pillow back and moves to another room. Payal takes advantage of the opportunity and positions herself behind Krishna, gently awakening him to express concern for his distress.

Krishna acknowledges her love for Krishna and her pain. He suggests Payal sleeps on the sofa, and he falls asleep. While Payal tries to hold Krishna’s hand, Bindiya intervenes, taking Payal’s hand and making it clear that she is lying between them. Payal reluctantly leaves the room as Bindiya warns her not to wake Krishna and to leave, or she will involve the magistrate. Bindiya sleeps beside Krishna on the sofa.


Krishna stops Payal from leaving the house, saying he rented her a room. Bindiya tells Krishna that Payal was your wife until yesterday, but today, she is a tenant in their home.

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