Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th December 2023: Angad Searches for Sahiba, Garry’s Devious Plan Unfolds


Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Inder instructs the servant to attend to the guests’ needs. He notices Simran on her phone and reminds her not to play games, asking for it back. Simran explains she’s trying to reach Sahiba, but her phone is unreachable. Manveer suggests calling Angad instead. Inder remarks that it’s good that she thinks of them as a united couple, but Manveer clarifies that it was not Simran’s intention.

Meanwhile, Simran dials Angad’s number, and he answers by addressing Inder as Mr Brar. She questions if he calls his father by name, to which Angad replies with a joke. Curious about Sahiba’s whereabouts, Simran asks if she’s with him, but Angad informs her that she’s not. As he drives around searching for Sahiba, he remembers using a tracking app to locate her lost phone and realizes it’s at a hotel. Wondering why Sahiba would be there, he wonders if she went to meet Mannat and Sunny.

Together, Garry and Mannat assist Parth in placing Sahiba, who is unconscious, into her car. As Angad awaits his turn to enter the hotel, he notices Sahiba’s car passing by and quickly calls out to the driver. However, the driver explains that he is not in control of the vehicle as it was left in the valet parking by a friend of Sahiba’s. Curiosity piqued, Angad asks for more information about this mysterious friend. Unfortunately, the driver is unable to provide any details. Undeterred, Angad follows Sahiba’s car and catches up with it at a traffic signal. As he approaches the car on foot, ready to inquire about Sahiba’s well-being, Garry speedily drives away as soon as the signal turns green.

Sahiba’s car breaks down. The hotel manager checks and says it’s a punctured tyre and he’ll replace it in 15-20 minutes. Mannat notices Sahiba moving and gets tense. Garry encourages her to relax. Mannat suggests dumping Sahiba somewhere. Garry says Sahiba saw only manager, so he’ll send manager underground. Mannat asks what if Sahiba confronts Seerat. Garry says he used Seerat for Angad’s locker secret file, and then gave her the freedom she needed in return.

Garry explains how he duped Angad and Sahiba by creating a fake persona, Sunny Sood. As a result, Angad assumed this identity to uncover information about the diamond and the honest Sunny. Curious, Mannat inquires if Angad and Sahiba know about their boss’s involvement. Garry responds with certainty that they will never reach their boss. However, Angad’s phone dies during their pursuit, and they lose track of Sahiba’s car. To find it, Sahiba stops at a junction and asks bystanders if they have seen a white car pass by. Unfortunately, no one has. A woman then approaches them from the opposite direction, holding Sahiba’s wallet containing her money and ID cards. Confused, Angad asks where she found it, and she points in a direction. He requests back his wallet and ID cards while allowing her to keep the money. The lady obliges, and he heads towards the indicated location.


Sahiba was taken aback by the sight of them together, and they both noticed her presence. Garry confronted Yash, accusing him of manipulating him as a pawn in his schemes. Yash retorted loudly, asserting he could hear every word and was not deaf to the situation.

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