Anupama 15th November 2023 Written Episode: Family Tensions and Emotional Revelations on Diwali

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Anupama 15th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Kapadia family is all celebrating with their fireworks. Anupama notices Dimpy’s sadness and gestures for her to join. Choti expresses her desire to light another firecracker, which soon explodes, causing Dimpy to fall onto Anupama and Choti to fall into Malti Devi’s arms. Anuj rushes to help Choti while Anupama rushes to check on her. Malti Devi accuses Anupama of only caring for Dimpy and neglecting Choti. Anupama defends herself by saying she was also focused on Choti. Pakhi interjects, claiming that their mother only favors Dimpy. However, Anupama explains that Dimpy is pregnant and deserves some fun too. Pakhi argues that being pregnant means staying home instead of enjoying festivities outside.

Malti Devi holds Anupama accountable while Anupama insists she treats all her children equally. Malti expresses concern for Choti’s well-being and reminds Anuj that he showed care for Dimpy because she is carrying his child, but he must also show the same problem for his daughter, Choti. Anuj reassures them that everything is fine with both Dimpy and Choti. However, Malti is still upset and yells that it is not okay for her. Anupama tries to comfort Choti, but she runs to her father, Anuj, instead. He assures her that he will take care of her. Sadly, this situation makes Anupama feel dejected.

Kinjal asks Toshu if we can cancel our trip and starts crying. Toshu says he has kept his, her, and Pari’s clothes.

Anuj informs Choti that Mummy saved Dimpy because she was pregnant, as Anupama silently signals him to stop talking. He then asks Choti if she will play the game with Papa, and she shakes her head. Anuj suggests they have a double scoop of chocolate instead, prompting Romil and Ankush to join in. He adds that they should have an extra scoop and not share it with Mummy. Malti Devi remarks that Anuj should have taken care of Choti, but Anupama states that Choti is her daughter and leaves. Pakhi expresses her frustration over Dimpy’s actions and also leaves. Barkha tells Malti Devi she made a big statement on Choti’s Diwali. Malti Devi responds by saying she truly cares for Choti and plans to make an even more significant impact on Diwali by playing with crackers.

They can’t back off, says Toshu, who has said they have bought a house and cars and invested a lot of money there. Kinjal says she is concerned for everyone. Toshu says even he cares. They will send money to Babu ji every month and hire a cook. He says we will visit them yearly and asks her not to worry. If we get stuck here now, we can constantly stay. He asks her to understand and says the problems here are never-ending.

Baa knocks on the door and enters. She says she bought the thread to tie their luggage, did its puja, and asked them to take it off once they reached their destination. They nod their heads. Baa asks Pari if she slept, and then she cries outside the room. Kinjal sits on the bed and cries. Toshu warns her not to become like Anupama and says she sacrificed her dreams, which have taken a backseat due to responsibilities. He thinks we’ll be flying.

In the morning, Anupama informs Anuj about Choti’s sadness and mentions seeing her upset when she went to her room last night. To comfort her, Anuj reassures her that it’s alright. Anupama then shares that Choti is feeling insecure because of her. Anuj asks if she’s finished talking and reminds her that if he accidentally ruins her rangoli, she can always fix it by filling in a new color or repairing the design. As they admire the rangoli, Anuj encourages Anupama to handle Choti with love and compassion – just as a mother should. He advises her to remove any feelings of insecurity from Choti’s heart and replace them with love and affection towards herself. Before bidding farewell and leaving for the day, he reminds Anupama not to shed any more tears on this joyous Diwali day. The sweet sound of Anupama’s song fills the air as she listens to him with hope in her heart…

It felt good when I answered the neighbors, and I felt good that I still have self-respect and am Vanraj Shah. Kavya takes out clothes for Vanraj and asks him to bathe and put them on. He says this is the first Diwali when I will not give my family any gifts, but I have good news. Kavya says she knows the gift and can see it in your eyes; everyone will appreciate it.

Babu ji asks Baa if she wants to take a selfie so they can keep the memories, too. She says she wants to pout. Babu ji tries to take a selfie. Babu Ji says whoever takes a selfie looks fat like a watermelon. They pose and take selfies.

Anupama enters Choti’s room and offers to tie her hair. Despite being ignored, Anupama makes amends by singing a song and apologizing while holding her ears. Choti finally looks up at her. Anupama expresses remorse and asks for forgiveness as she refers to herself as Choti’s mother. As Anuj leaves the room, Anupama again addresses Choti, calling her “my princess”. In response, Choti affectionately calls her “Mummy”, declaring her love for her. This leads to a conversation about why Dadi thinks Anupama loves Pakhi and Dimpy Bhabhi more. Shocked, Anupama asks if this is what Dadi truly believes and reminds Choti that she even stopped the plane and returned from America because of their bond. During this exchange, she drops two clips, and Choti catches one.

As you didn’t get time to hold both, I didn’t get time to hold you, since you were far, and Dimpy was near me when she was pushed by you mistakenly, so I held her. Even if I could then, she said she wouldn’t have been able to keep you since you were so far away. Choti tells Anupama that the younger child always feels special and closest to a mother. She says you are close to me now. Maya Mom left me, but you don’t leave me. Anupama hugged Choti.


It appears to Pakhi that the gift is good, so she wears it. Today is Bhai Dooj, so Adhik says he brought it for Dimpy. Pakhi asks if you thought before buying if she could wear it, and Adhik asks why she couldn’t. She says Dimpy is now a widow. Anupama comes there and scolds Pakhi for using this world and considering it as a last warning. Dimpy worries about the Diyas. Tapish comes there and says it won’t set off while Anupama prays for Dimpy.

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