Pandya Store 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrish’s Fury Unleashed, Natasha and Dhawal’s Troubles Worsen

Pandya Store 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

This episode begins with Natasha defending Dhawal. She says that Chiku is a fraud. The inspector says your brother went to get your parents. She says my parents have passed away, give me my phone, I’ll talk to my brothers. She calls Shesh. Shesh and Mittu are dancing. Natasha calls Suman. Suman is sleeping. Chiku recalls Suman’s words. Dhawal says to call Amrish. Natasha says no, he will scold us, and we’ll call Hetal. Dhawal asks the inspector to call Hetal. The inspector says there’s a last chance.

Hetal takes the call from Natasha. She asks if everything is okay. Hetal takes the call. I need your help, Dhawal and I are stuck here, please send me my wedding photo and card to this number, don’t tell Amrish and Amba, please. Amrish wakes up. Natasha tells him you’ll get all the proofs in five minutes. Yashodan Pandya is a fraud. Hetal says fine, don’t worry, take care. Chiku damages Suman’s wheelchair.

Amrish inquires about the recent phone call. Hetal promptly reveals that it was from Natasha. Curious, Amrish asks for details on their conversation. Hesitant, Hetal considers her words before admitting that Natasha was concerned about potential rituals to return home and perform. Surprised, Amrish questions the timing of such a call for trivial matters. Hetal confirms her intentions and admits it was simply about the ritual. Doubtful, Amrish senses something amiss and resolves to investigate further. Giving Hetal a break, he offers her water before taking her phone and insisting she rest. She obliges and heads off while Amrish calls Chiku instead. As Suman wakes up and wonders if the siblings have returned, she discovers missed calls from Natasha and shares that she dislikes staying at hotels. Seeing no response from Natasha’s end, Amrish dials again, but Chiku is unavailable indoors. He finally answers when he steps outside.

Amrish inquires, “Why did Natasha call us at night?” Chiku responds, “Our family is required for bail.” Curiosity piqued, Amrish presses for more information, leading to Chiku reassuring him that he has taken matters into his own hands. “Don’t worry,” states Chiku confidently, “I have sent Dhawal and Natasha to jail.” This earns him a scolding from Amrish. Unaffected by Amrish’s disapproval, Chiku continues, “You know how they always meddle. I’ve caused damage to Suman’s wheelchair and convinced Shesh and Mittu to stay at the party. Just prepare yourself for the ritual of breaking the coconut tomorrow morning – that will take care of everything. Make sure to send proof of Dhawal and Natasha’s wedding early on as well; that should be enough for the police to release them.” Suddenly spotting Shesh and Mittu nearby, Chiku quickly ducks out of sight.

Mittu says there’s someone. Shesh says maybe the hotel staff. Amrish says Dhawal is in jail, but I must go to Pandya. Suman wakes up and talks to Shesh and Mittu. Chiku watches. She asks them to go to sleep. Chiku says you’ll die, go there, and hate me a lot. Hetal takes her phone to send pictures to Natasha. Amrish takes it. He scolds her for lying.

Hetal pointed out my mistake, and Natasha and Dhawal just got married. I had kept this information hidden to prevent your fury. However, you became angry nonetheless. I ask for your forgiveness as I only want what is best for them. Unfortunately, you are determined to punish me for my error and order me to leave the room. But please, do not say such things. In his rage, he forcibly pushes me out of the room, causing me injury. I intended to protect your honor. Despite his orders, I plead for another opportunity to prove myself trustworthy. Eventually, he allowed me back in before leaving with a firm determination to regain control of the situation. The following day, Suman inquires about the manager…

Natasha and Dhawal were standing nearby, as Chiku observed. Mittu wondered if they should contact Amrish, but Suman quickly ignored the idea. Hetal kindly brought Amrish some tea, noticing he was injured. He handed her his phone and requested she send a photo, knowing Dhawal was her favorite. She questioned if he was speaking out of anger. The inspector informed them they had received the pictures and could leave now. Dhawal returned his phone and received a call from Suman inquiring about Natasha’s well-being. He assured her that everyone was fine and then warned Natasha not to reveal anything to Suman. Natasha explained that she was out with Dhawal and they would join them soon. Suman instructed them to meet at the temple while Mittu secured a chair for himself. As Chiku thought to himself, it seemed as though nothing could prevent Suman from falling now.


During this last strike, Amrish says Suman will be targeted. Suman meets with an accident. Natasha shouts Daama…

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