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Meet desperately appeals to the inspector, trying to prove Jasodha’s innocence. Unfortunately for her, Gunwanti has already lodged an accusation against her daughter. The inspector instructs his constable to take away Jasodha and Meet swears that she will soon uncover the truth. Manmeet is appalled by Shagun’s part in creating this mess and insists she go with him to set things right at the police station. She, however, simply mocks them both while speaking cruelly of Meet and Jasodha.

Manmeet loses control and puts a hand around Shagun’s neck. She reveals that she had already anticipated Manmeet’s outburst and contacted the authorities. There is no alternative for Meet other than getting Gunwanti to change her statement if Jasodha stands any chance of being saved. At the station, Manmeet threatens to hurt Shagun but then calms down. He convinces the inspector to let him go and afterward attempts to educate Manmeet about how lashing out in anger will not resolve their issues.

Manmeet agrees to act as Meet’s support and appeal to Gunwanti politely. Upon their arrival in the village, they witness an assembly of Mahendra and the locals. Mahendra pleads them to deliver justice to his wife, who had suffered the consequence of a misunderstanding. Meet intends to clarify this, but her actions are misinterpreted by the people who accuse her of partiality as Sarkar. Despite her efforts to explain her stance, they shout and insist on obtaining retribution, leaving Meet feeling overwhelmed.

Manmeet desperately tries to convince Gunwanti to change her words, even going so far as to saying that he’ll rename Sarkar Mahal after her and depart with himself. Nevertheless, she still lays the blame on Jasodha and continues to refuse. Cheeku and Sumeet bid Sarkar to take his medicine, instilling faith in Meet that he’ll soon be able to reunite with Jasodha. They commit themselves to offering their chocolates as a sign of gratitude if Krishna grants them their wish. Meet sorrowfully overhears their conversation but Sumeet inquires about Jasodha; Meet gives assurances that she would be back quickly.

Meet confronts Mahendra, demanding 50 crores in exchange for Jasodha’s release. Gunwanti video calls Shagun and praises her plan after revealing that the burn marks were only fake. Both of them laugh at Meet’s helplessness; however, Mahendra does not trust him enough to become a partner. Manmeet realizes that his keys are in Gunwanti’s ward and goes back there. Finally, Mahendra informs Meet that his sister is charged with a domestic violence case, giving him the responsibility to make the decision on her behalf.


A shocked Manmeet, Sarkar and Jasodha ask Meet how Jasodha got bail. Meet does not answer. Shagun enters with Meet’s factory model and shows the auction orders of her factory.

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