Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2023 Written Episode. On

Manjiri said it was wrong to ask Abhir to leave; a few disagreements between two children does not warrant such drastic action. She questioned her Maasi’s lack of understanding and asked why would she tell him that Roohi wouldn’t talk to him if he stayed with Abhimanyu. Manjiri explained that although Akshara’s arrival had caused her pain, she should think about Abhimanyu, who had finally been reunited with his son. Furthermore, how can she expect them to treat her like their daughter if she is so willing to turn away from them? Manjiri said they had become entrenched in Abhir’s joy, at the expense of Roohi’s sorrow.

Manjiri informs Abhir that Roohi is feeling sad, and his heart will shatter in response. People in the room know Abhir is her grandson and Abhimanyu is his father, though they haven’t spoken of it until now. Everyone gathers around, with Neela asking what has taken place. Manjiri then reveals that Abhimanyu had hidden the truth and the group spots Aarohi. Manjiri had wanted to send Akshara and Abhinav to America, but this plan didn’t come to fruition.

Surekha confessed to consuming alcohol. Abhinav declined to listen to her, and Kairav then provided an explanation for her actions. He claimed that cheap girls offered her wine while she was merely bringing him office files. Manish voiced his opinion that they held responsibility for Surekha, to which Muskaan opposed, praising Kairav for saving them from the situation. Then, Surekha asked Kairav why he had gone to give the files when Muskaan interjected and responded with “because we love each other”. This statement shocked Kairav as he had never professed his love nor had he ever said something positive about her apart from when he admitted that the gift was special because of what she wrote on it. Abhinav asked why she was lying but a response wasn’t given right away.

Akshara attempted to sooth the situation by telling Kairav that it was not their fault. He retorted that he never wanted to date the girl, he had driven away the bad guy and told her about Neela’s gift. Kairav went on to explain his lack of emotions for Muskaan, causing her to break down in tears and Manjiri adding ‘you couldn’t become my daughter’. Abhimanyu accused him of cheating, to which Aarohi reminded him of how he’d come himself when Neil had passed away and said marriage would be best for them.

She told me she was scared; a mother’s joy and terror all at once. Her appreciation for Abhimanyu’s devotion had no bounds, but felt it just as keenly when he disregarded Akshara and Roohi’s emotions. She refused to apologize for her choices, even though the tears streamed down her face. She then proclaimed that Abhimanyu was being selfish in bringing Abhir home as neither setting would be conducive to his growth; she wanted to send him away to America.

She says Abhimanyu is my son. She says he would have been happy there, but now no one will stay happy, Abhir can’t accept this family and I can’t accept him. I really hope you don’t get his custody, so he stays happy with Akshara and Abhinav and never comes here. She is scolded by Manjiri. Akshara and I want Akshara’s happiness, and Manjiri says I also want Abhir’s happiness. It is Aarohi who says you have to claim him, his happiness is with Akshara, and he won’t be happy here.

As Abhimanyu worries, Manjiri says Abhir is coming here, it’s his house, and it’s up to you whether to accept it or not. Aarohi says when it’s easy for you to clear it, Roohi and I will leave. Manjiri says no. I can do anything for you, Aarohi says you stay happy with Abhir, Akshara is fighting for her son’s happiness, I’m fighting for my daughter’s. She leaves.


She sings the aarti… She speaks to the lawyer. Abhimanyu says I don’t want to make any personal attack. Akshara asks if you have time to talk. Abhinav says I am trying to earn money for my son. She says you are trying to equal Abhimanyu.

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