Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March, 2023 written episode update

Abhinav is instructed by Doctor Chawla not to travel anywhere for a few days. Akshara tries asking the doctor if they can take medications and travel, but Abhinav stops her. Abhir is happy he can now play Holi here and attend the engagement.

Surekha is disappointed that she could not meet Akshara, but she is glad she got the chance to meet Muskaan. Surekha inquires about Akshara’s in-laws, but no one replies. Just then Akshara returns home, Abhir tells everyone that his acting became real and he had to be hospitalized.

Surekha introduces herself to Abhir. Abhir informs her that they will stay back until Holi. Abhinav tells the family not to worry since they will stay at a guest house. Manish insists that they will stay in the house until Abhir gets better and not behave like outsiders.

Manjiri contacts Surekha to ask her to send the Kalash on time. Abhimanyu is pondering over Abhir and contemplating how he is faring. Manjiri also dials the interior designers to design Abhinav’s room, so as to make space for Aarohi’s belongings. Even after Aarohi protests, Manjiri insists they have already delayed and should not linger any longer. Abhimanyu gets discomfited, recollecting Akshara present in the room along with their shared photographs. He resolves inwardly that it is futile to brood on the past and he ought to keep his promise to Roohi by giving way to Aarohi’s stuff. He begins placing things aside until Aarohi enters the room abruptly. She takes up the empty photo frame which had slipped from his hands and explains she is not in a hurry to fill it up; they can keep it vacant for as long as possible. He responds that they have a lot of time ahead of them, allowing them ample opportunity to accustom themselves to their new relationship status. He acknowledges that at times he may slip into nostalgia and could get overwhelmed but he will hold himself.

Due to a traffic jam, Manish and Suvarna get stuck. They call Suhasini to tell her they will be delayed. Suhasini tells them that only married couples can carry the Kalash. Surekha suggests that Akshara and Abhinav go. She tells them that it is more important that the functions happen on time at this moment. Akshara and Abhinav overhear the conversation and find it embarrassing.

Manjiri informs the Panditji that Abhimanyu will not sit for the Pooja. Ambimanyu remembers Abhir asking him to bring flowers to Shivji because he was sick. Abhimanyu sits for the Pooja for Abhir’s sake with tears in his eyes. The family is shocked to see him. Manjiri says that Abhimanyu is only praying for Roohi’s sake. She is happy Abhimanyu finally started praying on the first day of the wedding ceremony.

Abhimanyu prays for Abhir’s good health and quick recovery.

Panditji asks Abhimanyu to take his and his wife’s names together… Abhimanyu responds with “Abhimanyu Akshara”.

Precap: Manjiri stops Akshara at the door with the Kalash when she comes with Abhinav.

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