Teri Meri Doriyaann 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update


Sahiba Saves Her Family From Humiliation in Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Santosh implored Sahiba to come with them to Brar’s party, however Sahiba replied that she was not keen on interacting with people of such egotistic and pompous nature. Santosh claimed that if Seerat were to marry into the wealthy Brar household then she could find a good match for Sahiba too. Despite this, Sahiba insisted on staying away from the ostentatious lifestyles of the rich. When Keerat agreed with her stance, Santosh noted that if they didn’t marry affluent suitors then their lives would be similar to hers. Sahiba asserted that she wanted to stay independent and earn money so as to support her sweet mother and lovely sisters; moreover, once she earned enough income, she hoped to propagate her art all over the world. With time running out Santosh curtailed the conversation telling them it was getting late while Seerat declared that she did not want travel in an auto; in response, Sahiba offered her the fare of a cab ride. Lastly, Santosh prayed to God for these efforts not to go futile and beseech Him for Seerat’s union with a well-to-do family like he had been granted passes earlier.

Santosh and her children, Seerat and Keerat, arrived at the party venue. The senior security guard ordered his team not to let anyone in without passes. Santosh was standing in queue when she began bragging about her daughter not attending parties, however she had no choice but to accept the passes sent over lovingly by the Brar family. Seerat snapped a picture for social media complaining that sweat was making her makeup disappear. Her mother asked the guard if he could provide air conditioning as Seerat’s face was losing its colour. But when Santosh looked for their passes they were nowhere to be found.

Taiji informs Sahiba that Santosh and Seerat have left their things behind. She offers food to Sahiba and requests she take care of herself. Sahiba tells her taiji she will be okay with her taking care of her. Upon realizing that Santosh had forgotten the passes at home, she quickly rushed to the Brar mansion. Having no passes on hand, Santosh was anxious, however the guard would not allow them in. Seerat then takes it upon herself to live stream a video on social media, excitedly acknowledging the celebrity that appeared in her feed. Asking Santosh to get the passes out soon, both ladies were startled when the guard insulted her and sent them away. Keerat was enraged but Santosh stopped her from retaliating against him.

Angad talks about his plan for a luxury mall. When Santosh gets into a fight with other guests, attempting to seize their passes, Angad instructs the security officer not to let anyone through without them. The guard pushes Santosh away, and Seerat begins weeping, accusing Santosh of shaming her in front of her admirers. Despite trying to talk his way in, the security official stops Santosh again and ousts her due to her theatrics. Sahiba then enters and vouchsafe them; guards recognize her and inquire why she did not let them know they were with her. Santosh scolds the guards before entering.

Seerat dances on stage while Sahiba stands far away, teaching her. Angad joins her. Sahiba sees Seerat about to step on a nail, rushes to save her. Seerat slips, Angad holds her and gets angry with Sahiba.

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